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Forrest went to the vet today

So, after three months of living with my new roommate, Forrest, we finally made our way to the vet today. She was given the first round of vaccinations, I will have to go back to more times in two week … Continue reading

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Arrrg PHP!!

So, I have been doing a ridiculous amount of PHP coding for the past two days and my head is about to explode. After setting up MAMP, a local server on my macbook that allows me to test dynamic websites … Continue reading

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I’m working on the website today!

I finally have some time to work on the site. It feels like it’s been over a week since I have even opened up Dreamweaver. It feels good to dive into some coding work again.

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Editing the site

So the site is still under construction. I am learning a little bit of new programming skills everyday. When things work the way you want them to, then there is really no better feeling, however lately, I’ve run into a … Continue reading

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First post

I saw this inforgraphic today on and thought it was interesting. Two of the most interesting parts of this infographic are the differences relative to GDP per capita of Korean teachers and American teachers and how spending more money … Continue reading

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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