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Abandoned amusement park? Kimchi Land!

Well, I went out for a ride on another cold Sunday. Winter lasts for six months here in Korea just to let you know. I wanted to explore some of the back country roads around were I live. I stopped … Continue reading

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Touring Asan and Cheonan

Today was a little different than most days as I actually took some time to plan my trip. I thought that by researching some of the popular destinations in the Asan/Cheonan area online, I would see some really cool sites. … Continue reading

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Trip to Namseoul University!

So, on Sunday, I got an earlier start and was geared up for a full day ride. The time is drawing near when I must start training for riding across the states. I figured I’d add a few more pictures … Continue reading

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Sun Moon University on a super cold day!

So after checking the weather forecast last night, and reading that it would be a sunny day, I was all set for some touring today. Well, the weather report was a little off, and by “a little,” I really mean … Continue reading

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