Abandoned amusement park? Kimchi Land!

Well, I went out for a ride on another cold Sunday. Winter lasts for six months here in Korea just to let you know. I wanted to explore some of the back country roads around were I live. I stopped off at a Family Mart to get some food and drinks because I was really heading into to the middle of nowhere.

Things were going along just fine until I hit the mother of all hills. Scratch that, this was a mountain. It was the never ending mountain. It just kept going and going. I have never walked a bike up a hill here in Korea and I didn’t intend to start that day. It was the most difficult thing I’ve ever done on a bike. I almost passed out when I was about 75% up. Once I reached the top, I stopped to take a picture. Although, it wasn’t a very good picture. I thought it would be fun to ride down and take one of the interesting side roads that I saw. I went down the mountain screaming! I immediately realized why some touring bikes are now being built with disc breaks. It was challenging to slow down. I was thinking to myself at the time, there is no way my car could make it up this hill. It would die!

As I neared the bottom, I took that side road and came across this abandoned amusement park appropriately named: Kimchi Land. Just kidding. But, there were no rides, just a bunch of random pods sharped like fruit with noraebangs (karaoke rooms) inside of them. There were also areas that families could make traditional Korean food. Way in the back was what looked like an abandoned apartment building. The whole thing was really creepy. It would be nice to go back there someday (or night) and check out more of it.






















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  2. Mari says:

    Wow! How interesting! I have always been fascinated by abandoned buildings trying to re-create in my mind what happened there in the past. Yes, part of it is creepy, but there is also that wonderment of what happened there. Questions start floating into your mind such as who owned this? What people came? How popular was it? How much money did it cost? Why did it fail?What a great bike ride! Mom