Arrrg PHP!!

So, I have been doing a ridiculous amount of PHP coding for the past two days and my head is about to explode. After setting up MAMP, a local server on my macbook that allows me to test dynamic websites with PHP and MYSQL, then, going back and fourth editing PHP code, which is confusing in of itself, I think I am about ready to throw in the towel. I have been making progress on making the wordpress blog the same style as my website, but every now and there, I hit a roadblock. The most recent roadblock is adding my navigation bar. For some reason, when I edit my PHP file that contains the code for the nave bar, it doesn’t seem to attach to my index.php page. All other php files DO seem to attach to the index.php page. For example, I was able to add my banner, text styles, and background. In other words, I am so close, yet still far.

I will take a break from this for now. If anyone out there knows PHP well, I could really use some assistance.

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