Lame Wednesday

I headed out Wednesday morning, and as always added some air to my tires before the ride. I filled up my rear tire, then heard a leak. I blew out a tube, oh well, I needed some practice on changing tires when I’m out in the middle of nowhere. I fitted the new tube on and then started pumping it up with my hand pump. As I was about to finish, the stem broke in two. Lame to the nth degree! I have had it with the inefficiencies of hand pumps! They take forever to pump up a tire and right around the 85 psi mark, they become ridiculously tough to pump up. I knew exactly what I had to do. I went to my bike shop, and picked up a heavy duty floor pump that makes pumping tires to 110 psi a breeze. I also picked up a CO2 pump and some extra CO2 refills along with some new tubes. I also remembered that the front tire is getting really old and cracked and the rear was starting to show some wear as well. I decided on the Schwalbe Duranos. I had read that Schwalbe made very tough tires that were more puncture resistant compared to tires of the similar price range. After I checked out, I got the bike shop workers some beers and some snacks. They have given me so many free tune-ups that I had to show my thanks.

I got home and put the new tube and tires in and it was around 4:30, meaning I could still get a decent ride in. I went over to check out the Hoseo Sports Day and then rode off on one of my favorite hilly rides. I was blasting down a steep hill and noticed something feeling a little off in the rear tire. I reached the bottom of the hill and inspected the tire. It was losing air. I must have installed the tube incorrectly. Well I could change the tube, that is if I wasn’t in a rush to cycle and had remembered to pack my new spare tube! I was pretty far out in the country side and while I did forget my new tube, I did remember to bring my CO2 pump. I hooked pumped it up and started riding back. It was a slow leak, however I still rode as quickly as I could back to the apartment. I had to stop two more times to pump it up but eventually made it back. The CO2 pump was definitely a huge help on that ride and will never ride without one (and spare tubes) again!









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