Day 5 Walla Walla, WA to Pomeroy, WA

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Day 5 Walla Walla, WA to Pomeroy, WA
Riding time today: 8:18
Riding time total: 34:49
Distance today: 83.59 mi
Distance total: 426.83 mi
Average speed: 10.1 mph
Top speed: 32.5 mph
Average cadence: 72 rpm
Max cadence: 104 rpm
Calories burned: 4,374

Today started off with some annoying problems with this wordpress blog hosted by go daddy. For some reason, I have had database errors and I think it has something to do with the wordpress iPad app. I think I will try an alternative such as blogpress. But I digress, that definitely wasn’t the worst of today’s problems. I get to those in just a moment.

I was on the 12 around 5 miles outside Dayton, and I noticed that my gps suggested taking a shortcut on a frontage road. It would shave off 10 miles. I thought, sure I could use a break from riding on the hwy. I rode on this desolate road for around 7 miles, then I saw a sign that said “pavement ends.” Lame! I didn’t want to turn back because that would mean 14 wasted miles, so I pressed forward. The gravel became heavier and rockier. I deflated my tires to around 65 psi so I would get better traction and less prone to getting a flat. To make matters worse, it was really warming up and there wasn’t any shade. I started with full water bottles along with my reserve water from Dayton and I was drinking it very quickly.

After 10 miles of gravel with steep hills and all, I made it to hwy 126. There wasn’t I highway that I’ve ever seen that hasn’t been paved, and this one wasn’t an exception. I was so relieved to see pavement again. I stopped and used my c02 to reinflate my tires. Then, I was happy again for half a mile, when all of a sudden I saw a pavement ends sign again! I stopped again and deflated my tires once again. I was really running low on water now, so I made a sincere effort not to drink unless I had completed 4 miles. After another 7 miles of gravel, I made it to a sign that said “Hwy 12 – 11 miles West.” At the sign was also pavement again, but I wasn’t going to take any chances reinflating my tires. I was going to wait until I made it back to the 12. 11 miles traveling west was so uncool, but it had to be done. Once I made it to the 12 I reinflated my tires using another c02 and was on my way.

I had 24 miles to Pomeroy with half of my reserve water. I had to take my mind off of water. I turned my iPod back on and tried to focus on the music rather than riding my bike. Now, it was every 5 miles, I would have two extremely small baby sips of water. Nightfall was approaching and I was nearly out off water with 10 miles to go. I thought back to when I ran my first full marathon and how difficult that was. If I could run 26.2 miles, the I could definitely bike 10 more miles.

I made it into town in total darkness. Nothing was open. I really needed a drink of anything! Maybe the motel had some water. I made it to the hotel only to find that the no vacancy sign was lit. This was the only motel in this small town so I went in anyways and asked if they had anything that they could give me. I clerk said he had one room left. Oh man, it was my lucky day. There was also a convenient store two blocks down the road that was open for another 20 minutes. So, I parked my bike in the room, and walked toward the store. I picked up 2 big bottles of gatoraide, water, a mikes hard fruit punch, a homemade mead loaf sandwich, and a Philly cheese steak sandwich. What a day!

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Location:Main St,Lewiston,United States

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  • cgiblin2 says:

    Stu made the suggestion of using a camel back for some of these long rides. Stu, that’s a great idea. I might pick one up especially since I have even longer stretches of road to cover ahead.

    Stu, I deleted the post that you commented on because I am using this new app, which I’m still learning how to use. Sorry about that!

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