Day 6 Pomeroy, WA to Lewiston, ID

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Day 6 Pomeroy, WA to Lewiston, ID
Riding time today: 2:28
Riding time total: 37:17
Distance today: 31.49 mi
Distance total: 458.32 mi
Average speed: 12.8 mph
Top speed: 32.2 mph
Average cadence: 71 rpm
Max cadence: 88 rpm
Calories burned: 2,087

After yesterday’s hectic day, I was ready for something a little easier. After I left the motel, I went back to the same market I visited last night to buy some energy bars. I mentioned to (I think her name was Nancy) that I needed some work done on my bike after riding on that gravel trail. She immediately took out her mobile phone and made some phone calls to find the best place to get my bike serviced in Lewiston. She even drew me a map of how to get there. I must say that some of these small town folk are some of the nicest people on this planet.

I was trying to ride a little slower today because of my bad knee. In all my years of running and cycling, I have never felt a pain in that knee like I am experiencing now.

I had a bit of a climb up a hill, but soon it wax down hill for around 4 miles. Its fun to bomb hills, but not when your body isn’t 100%. I didn’t want to push too hard, so I stayed at around 30 mph.

Even though I had only gone 20 miles at this point, I was still hurting. I think I just needed to relax my knee for half a day.

Going first through Clarkston on the Washington side, I realized that it was lackluster town. It seemed like there were no trees and just a lot of smashed up cars everywhere. That all changed once I crossed over to the Lewiston side in Idaho. Lewiston was a really nice place. It had more culture, it was far less trashy, and it was a lot greener.

I eventually arrived at Follet’s Sports Store, and it rocked big time. They had all the parts that I needed and they were really helpful on getting my bike back in tune. I think it was Justin that helped me. Sorry if I got your name wrong, I’m sometimes bad with names. Anyway, he was able to get me the following parts: spare chain (in case I break the one I’m using now), a bottle of tri flow dry lube, a new helmet mirror (I broke the other one back in Portland with those stupid railroad tracks), and three new c02 refills. He also looked at my bike and lubed one of my pedals that was emitting the most annoying squeak sound!

After leaving Follet’s, I road along main St. In search of some motels. Actually, today I splurged and stayed at a hotel. To my knowledge I haven’t stayed at a Guest House before, but I now highly recommend them. There are lots of amenities here including a nice pool, jacuzzi, wifi, and each room has a small patio. All that for $50. Not too bad in my book.

Today’s the big decision day for me. Should I stay on the less safe no shoulder Hwy 12 which is far more direct, or should I head north to Coeur d’Alene which is safer, but will easily add two days to my tour? I have a lot to ponder now…

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