Day 7 Lewiston, ID to Kooskia, ID

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Day 7 Lewiston, ID to Kooskia, ID
Riding time today: 6:34
Riding time total: 43:51
Distance today: 75.27 mi
Distance total: 533.59 mi
Average speed: 11.5 mph
Top speed: 26.2 mph
Average cadence: 72 rpm
Max cadence: 122 rpm
Calories burned: 3,384

Today I was able to get the earlier start that I have been wanting for awhile now. I kept getting into the towns late, therefore I wasn’t able to go to sleep on time and would ultimately wake up later. I had breakfast at the Guest House and chatted with a man in is 80s who is an avid skier. It’s always inspirational to meet older people whom still lead active lives.

While heading out of Lewiston, I only had one thing on my mind and that was my knee. I had to go easy on it. I pulled in to a convenient store and bought some Bengay cream and some pain medication. I hate taking pain medication, but in this case it was either take it or stop cycling for yet another day. The cream and the pain medication worked well, ever better than I expected.

Riding on the 12 had some definite pros and cons. The pros were: beautiful scenery, nicely spaced towns for meals, and not too bad of an elevation gain. The cons were, scratch that, there was only one con, and that was it was a dangerous road. There wasn’t much of a shoulder and some of the logging trucks would zoom by me with just inches to spare. I was checking my new mirror every thirty seconds.

I shot this video and pondered why there were loads of railroad cars just parked along the river.

Later, I found out that it was due to the recession. Railroads weren’t hauling as much stuff as they did pre-recession, hence they didn’t need the extra cars. It turns out that many of the local residents in Kooskia aren’t too happy about the chosen location to park them.

I pulled into Kooskia thinking that I would have another nice selection of motels to choose from. Wrong. Kooskia has a population around 600 and has only one motel. After I checked it to The Western Motor Inn, which I highly recommend by the way, I strolled around “downtown” and took some shots of this old town. Look at the architecture of the buildings. Notice how the windows are much smaller and lower to the ground. Also, the old signs were really cool.

Knowing that tomorrow is going to be a grueling day to Powell, ID, I stocked up on lots of food and Powerade. Yes, I made the switch from Gatorade to Powerade. I compared the ingredients of the two, and Powerade has carbs, electrolytes, as well as vitamin B. Gatorade only has carbs and electrolytes.

Question of the day: Gatorade vs Powerade, which do you prefer?

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