Day 8 Kooskia, ID to Powell, ID (Lochsa Lodge)

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Day 8 Kooskia, ID to Powell, ID (Lochsa Lodge)
Riding time today: 7:41
Riding time total: 51:32
Distance today: 90.32 mi
Distance total: 623.91 mi
Average speed: 11.8 mph
Top speed: 25.9 mph
Average cadence: 75 rpm
Max cadence: 93 rpm
Calories burned: 4,496

Whoa, today was intense. I road over 90 miles and climbed over 2,500 feet in elevation. It was a beautiful day, and the lush green scenery of Clearwater National Forrest was breathtaking, however I was preoccupied with knowing that I had a long and arduous day ahead of me. As a result, I didn’t stop and take as many pictures as I normally do.

One really cool thing that happened today was for the first time on this tour, I ran into another person touring! I was so stoked knowing that I’m not the only one out here! Her name was Rebecca and she was riding a fully loaded Trek 720. It looked extremely heavy, much heavier than my bike. She was heading west bound on the 12 and eventually will be ending in Seattle. I wish I had remembered to take a picture of her (as proof that I’m not making this up). We had a nice chat about our tours thus far, but we both had long days ahead of us, and before I knew it, we were both on our ways.

I think if I could relate this day to something, I would relate it to my last marathon that I ran. It was never ending! I was running on fumes for the last 20 miles. When I reached the 85 mile mark, I was barely able to keep the bike straight!

Lodge is amazingly cool! It was the oasis that I ever so much was in dire need of. They are open all year round and have some top notch facilities. Check out this video of my cabin!

Tomorrow, I will have an even bigger hill climb to Lolo. I’m looking forward to seeing how my bike handles in the snow as there is currently snow at the top of Lolo Pass.

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