Day 9 Powell, ID (Lochsa Lodge) to Missoula, MT

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Day 9 Powell, ID (Lochsa Lodge) to Missoula, MT
Riding time today: 4:26
Riding time total: 55:58
Distance today: 53.58 mi
Distance total: 677.49 mi
Average speed: 12.1 mph
Top speed: 44.9 mph
Average cadence: 68 rpm
Max cadence: 87 rpm
Calories burned: 2,970

After having a nice breakfast at the lodge, and enjoying my last moments at the cabin, I was off to conquer the real hill climb that is Lolo Pass. Knowing that this climb is going to be the most intense of the tour yet, I carefully deliberated on what I should bring. I decided not to bring one of the big water bottles that I had bought last night because it was just too heavy.

The first five miles out from the lodge weren’t too bad. If this was the climb, then I had nothing to worry about. Suddenly, the grade became much MUCH steeper. I can usually handle most steep grades in fourth or fifth gear, but not this one. This one, I was in first gear all the way. I also had to stop every mile and a half just to give my legs a break.

Eventually, I reached the summit and also a new time zone! Cool, I was now in Mountain Time. A little further down the road was the Idaho/Montana border. I was on my way!

Now it was time for some extreme downhill action. Since there wasn’t any strong winds today, I was able to blast down the mountain at speeds of over 40 mph. My top speed was 44 mph.

I made it to Lolo, but there really wasn’t much to Lolo, so I just kept riding to Missoula. I found a Super 8 Motel and was able to negotiate a fairly reasonable rate of $55. Missoula also had a Safeway. Time for some Safeway chicken tenders and ranch dressing, ohhh yeah!

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Location:Brooks St,Missoula,United States

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