Day 10 Missoula, MT to Lincoln, MT

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Day 10 Missoula, MT to Lincoln, MT
Riding time today: 7:11
Riding time total: 63:09
Distance today: 84.68 mi
Distance total: 762.17 mi
Average speed: 11.8 mph
Top speed: 31.0 mph
Average cadence: 67 rpm
Max cadence: 189 rpm
Calories burned: 4,299

I started off today an hour later than I normally do thanks to this new time zone. However, that didn’t really matter. I wanted to slow down my pace a little today to recuperate from the past two days of uphill climbs.

I visited The Bike Hanger in Missoula to get a new pair of gloves because the ones that I was using at the time had zero padding left! It was like getting premature arthritis. I also wanted to inquire about which route I should take. I knew that I either wanted to take the 12 or the 90 to the 94. To my surprise, there was another route that I had over looked, Hwy 200. The friendly staff launched Google maps and showed me the route. It looked good and there would be a lot less traffic which is always a good thing. The towns were a little farther apart than I normally like, but nothing I couldn’t handle.

Downtown Missoula was right up there with Portland. It was super bicycle friendly and seemed very community oriented. I was feeling good leaving Missoula. I had the nice Montana smell and the weather was perfect.

I saw some other people touring today, which is always a nice thing. I met Eli from Portland. We were both east bound and both traveling to Milwaukee. We had a nice chat about our tours thus far. He had also met Rebecca back in Idaho. However, he was fully loaded with camping gear and road at a slower pace (which is completely fine). I had to pick up my pace again in order to make it to Lincoln. I originally wanted to make it to Great Falls, but that was a little more than I could handle with sore legs.

I arrived in Lincoln and realized two things. One, this is an uber small town with two motels. And two, because this weekend was Independence Day, all of the rooms were booked. I didn’t have too many other options. I was looking at another 50 miles to the next town that may have a place to stay. I was going to push forward, but as I was leaving, I knew that my body didn’t have the energy to make it. I had already done almost 85 miles and I was pretty spent.

I checked out one of the RV campgrounds, paid $7 to camp, and that was that. At least I had my emergency sleeping bag, pillow, and insect repellent.

Tomorrow, I may cut back onto the 12 as there are more towns, and thus more accommodations. Here is a video of my campsite:

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Location:Lincoln, United States


  • stuart says:

    Man you’re riding through some beautiful country! I’m loving these posts.
    Just one question… why no tent??? I know you’re trying to save weight, but surely a tent would be considered a requirement? Or even a fly / cover.
    Hey bud… I know you’re a little busy with the riding an all, but do you think it would be possible to upload your planned route. I’m following you on Google Maps so far, but it’d be great to know where you’re planning to go next.
    Fighting! ^^

  • cgiblin2 says:

    Thanks buddy! The reason I’m not carrying a tent is indeed will weigh down the bike more than I want. It may not be such a bad idea while riding through these “no mans land” areas.

    As far as my planned route goes….well that is getting constantly updated everyday. For example, I was planning on riding through North Dakota, but now my plan is to ride through Wyoming to South Dakota. I think at the end, I will upload all of the waypoints on a map and post it.

    Cheers dude!

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