Day 12 Helena, MT to Bozeman, MT

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Day 12 Helena, MT to Bozeman, MT
Riding time today: 8:07
Riding time total: 75:56
Distance today: 98.52 mi
Distance total: 921.11 mi
Average speed: 12.2 mph
Top speed: 27.6 mph
Average cadence: 74 rpm
Max cadence: 177 rpm
Calories burned: 4,841

After taking full advantage of the included breakfast at the hotel, I was off to take Hwy 287 to I90. This was going to be a great day because I would be traveling on a route which has many more options in terms of procuring food and lodging.

Around 33 miles, I made it to Townsend with the intention of having lunch there. However, there wasn’t much there in terms of fast food places, and I didn’t feel like going to another gas station for a microwave burrito. I did a quick search on the gps and found there was a Subway 32 miles south at Three Forks. That was what I really wanted. So, I had a brief rest at the post office and was on my way to Subway!

Hwy 287, despite having some major road construction, was actually a nice road for biking. It wasn’t too busy, nor did it have too many hills. I guess the one thing that wasn’t that great was how flat and boring it was. Seemingly endless roads would create the illusion of riding on a treadmill. It seemed like progress was incredibly difficult to make.

Finally, I made it to Three Forks and there was the Subway in all it’s glory. Even though I had gone 66 miles before having lunch, I felt confident that after eating something, I would have the strength to ride an additional 33 miles to Bozeman.

20 miles had passed, and I was riding at a decent pace, when my seat started to feel squishy. “That’s odd,” I thought to myself. I turned around and I had a flat on my rear tire. I guess it was bound to happen sooner or later. After all I had already gone 900 miles without a single flat, so I guess I was due. The culprit was a small wire from the re-treads that are scattered along the shoulder. Changing the tube went smoothly, however I am no longer a fan of the Sram Masterlink. It was so jammed up, it made taking it off and putting it back together a real pain.

I got it all back together when some lovely eastern winds arrived. Great, now I was traveling around 9 mph…
I arrived in Bozeman around 9:00 and did some shopping around for accommodations. After looking at four hotels, I found Motel Rainbow for $55. It was also in a nice area to watch the fireworks! Here is a video I shot right behind the motel:

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Location:N 7th Ave,Bozeman,United States

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