Day 13 Rest Day in Bozeman, MT

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Day 13 Rest Day in Bozeman, MT

When I was planning this tour, I intended to take one rest day per week. But, as someone who likes to be ahead of schedule, I wanted to space the rest days out to one every two weeks.

The time came this morning when my legs needed a rest. I knew it would be really tough to bike 100 miles to Columbus in my current condition. Plus, my bike needed a tune up and a cleaning, so I booked another night after breakfast.

I road over to Summit Bike and Ski off of Main St. and dropped off my bike with Ben. For some reason, I completely forgot to snap some pictures of the bike shop. Ah, oh well. I had some time to check out Bozeman, so I walked over to Montana State University to have a look around the campus. As you can see in the pictures below, it’s a very clean and modern campus.

I had to take a picture of this gas station/convenient store, Loaf n Jug. What a strange name! “Loaf,” as in a loaf of bread? I’m pretty sure “Jug” is referring to a container of a beverage. Anyway I walked in to get a drink. The cashier, Kevin with the rockin’ handlebar mustache, was interested in the bike tour, and we had a nice conversation about some of a various routes to take, and which ones to avoid. Some of the routes went straight through tribal land, which could get a little precarious, especially at night. Thanks for the tips Kevin!

After getting some supplies at Safeway, I got a call from Ben. My bike was ready. Back at the bike shop, they too had some advice on some possible routes to take. They suggested heading further south into Wyoming and riding through Yellowstone. That is what I want to do, however it’s not the most direct route east, so I don’t think I have the time to go that way. But, I do believe that I will be going through Wyoming and South Dakota on I90. It makes more sense than heading back up north to North Dakota, only to head south again after Minnesota. Thanks for the suggestions guys!

I capped today off with relaxing at the motel pool. I’m looking forward to getting back on the bike tomorrow and cranking out some big days. Stay tuned!

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