Day 17 Hwy 29 truck stop to Sioux Falls Motel 6

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Day 17 Hwy 29 truck stop to Sioux Falls Motel 6
Riding time today: 0:17
Riding time total: 99:33
Distance today: 3.20 mi
Distance total: 1,191.57 mi
Average speed: 11.4 mph
Top speed: 18.3 mph
Average cadence: 66 rpm
Max cadence: 99 rpm
Calories burned: 140

Well, you probably guessed it. Yes, I took Mike up on his generous offer, and road with him to Sioux Falls, SD.

The night before, right after we finished dinner, I was riding my bike back from the restaurant to the motel. It was raining and there was an abundance of lightning. I was thinking of how I was going to ride in those conditions (not to mention the hail) when I’m in a great plain with a total absence of shelter. The next morning, I was looking at the weather in Gillette and sure enough there were going to be thunder and lightning storms in the afternoon.

I got up at 5:30, met Mike at 6:00, and we were off. It was really great riding with him for two main reasons. One, it was great having someone to talk to about all sorts of different things. And two, I was able to learn a ton about the trucking industry. It is much more comprehensive than I had previously thought. There are rules and regulations for everything you could think of.

Of all of the things that Mike taught me about trucking, two stand out as being the most important. The first was, you are not driving the truck, rather you are steering the trailer. That made more sense as the more sharp turns he had to make. The second was, “it’s all about time management.” In other words, you should be aware of all stops, breaks, refueling, unexpected things, and know that they all take time. If you are able to group as many of those things together, then you will be using effective time management.

We arrived at one of the truck stops, said our goodbyes, and I went off to the Motel 6. Safe travels Mike!

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