Day 18 Sioux Falls, SD to Worthington, MN

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Day 18 Sioux Falls, SD to Worthington, MN
Riding time today: 6:21
Riding time total: 105:54
Distance today: 71.93 mi
Distance total: 1,263.50 mi
Average speed: 11.3 mph
Top speed: 28.9 mph
Average cadence: 64 rpm
Max cadence: 117 rpm
Calories burned: 3334

I don’t have a lot of time to go into the detail about this day as I normally do. But here is a brief summary.

I took my time and road all around Sioux Falls, which surprisingly is a really cool city. It’s very clean and very bike friendly. However, no one wears helmets here, no one!

I made it into Minnesota via riding on the back roads. It was nice to be able to ride my bike off of the interstate for a change.

The weather was noticeably more humid compared with Montana and Wyoming. I had to drink a lot more due to sweating a lot more.

I finished the day with installing those thorn resistant tubes I got back in Billings. They are a lot heavier, but if they won’t get flats, then they may be worth it.

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Location:N Humiston Ave,Worthington,United States

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