Day 19 Worthington, MN to Fairmont, MN

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Day 19 Worthington, MN to Fairmont, MN
Riding time today: 5:34
Riding time total: 111:28
Distance today: 69.00 mi
Distance total: 1,332.50 mi
Average speed: 12.4 mph
Top speed: 27.2 mph
Average cadence: 69 rpm
Max cadence: 93 rpm
Calories burned: 3,191

I’ve been meaning to get back on track in terms of waking up earlier and getting some big days in, but things keep popping up and getting in the way. For example, last night I spent a good chunk of time installing the new thorn resistant tubes. Keep in mind, it’s not that it takes me a long time to change a tube, it’s that these tubes are incredibly thick and also seemed like they were two inches too long. My c02 inflator couldn’t fill them completely, plus, they seemed to make my tires lopsided possibly due to the extra length of the tube.

I was able to wake up for breakfast at the Travel Lodge, which was one of the best hotel breakfasts yet. And, I was able to get all of my gear together and leave the hotel at a good time. However, immediately after leaving the hotel, I was having front break issues. My cantilever wasn’t pulling both sides equally. I spent an hour making all sorts of small adjustments, until I got it right. Fine, whatever. Then, as I was riding, my rear tire seemed like it was substantially unbalanced. It felt like I was riding over a giant rock every two seconds, but there were none. I pulled over to check the pressure, and it felt okay. Just to make sure, I pulled into a gas station, used my presta to shrader valve adaptor and reinflated both tires. I went for a test ride and it was the same unbalanced feeling.

I was completely ready to get rid of these new thorn resistant tubes and reinstall my old tubes. They were way more trouble than they were worth! However, I decided to give them the benefit of the doubt one last time. Thinking that it could be the gas station air pump that wasn’t working properly, I went to a different gas station. Sure enough, the first station’s pump was defective. I deflated both tires and then reinflated them to about 120 psi. That was also the problem with my c02 inflator. Since the rubber was so thick, it couldn’t blow them up to the optimal pressure. I went for a test ride, and they felt great! Not only were they now balanced, but they also felt like they were more supportive of all of the weight that I was carrying. I told myself to ride with them for today, then make the decision of which tubes to use.

All that time spent with fixing my bike ate up nearly the entire morning. But, the bike was back in good shape and I was happy with that. I started off on my frontage road that I had been traveling when out of nowhere I saw a sign that I haven’t seen in a long time. See below:

After a quick check on the gps, there were no other ways to go except to ride on the I90 again. Oh well, here we go again. I was riding on the interstate for 30 minutes, listening to my music, when all of a sudden I hear police sirens. I was listening to electronic music, so in a way the siren seemed like part of the music. However the siren got louder and louder. I looked back in my mirror and I was getting pulled over.

The officer approached me and asked for my drivers license. I told him that I didn’t have one. Actually, for some weird reason, I enjoyed giving him that response. He then asked me for any other form of identification. The only American ID that I had was my PADI scuba divers license. He then proceeded to inform me that riding a bicycle on the interstate was illegal. I told him that I had no choice due to the road that I would have been on had become a gravel road. He was very understanding and mentioned that he knew what I was talking about. He gave me an alternate route running parallel to the interstate. He then went back to his police SUV and ran my name in the computer. It took a good 20 minutes, but then I was back to riding my bike.

I got off at the next exit and had the same farmland scenery and small towns that I have had for the past two days. It was the same low traffic road and the pavement was pretty new. The only downside to the past days was I haven’t seen anyone else touring. Where is everyone?

The bike shop in Fairmont was interesting. It was serendipitous of me to come across it because the owner was a big tourer back in his day. He told me that I was carrying too much stuff. Back in his day he toured with a small bag with a change of underwear and a tool kit and that was it! He gave me a bike map and a bottle of water. That was nice. If you are ever in Fairmont and need a good bike shop, his shop gets my seal of approval.

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Location:E 8th St,Fairmont,United States


  • Uncle Tom says:

    Got a message from your mom asking for my phone # 1-608-519-0976. Give us a ring when you get close. Safe travels. Tom

  • Kelly Bettis says:

    My goodness Chris…maybe you could make it to Ohio! I haven’t seen you in ages. What has it been…15 years or more. Be Careful

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