Day 20 Fairmont, MN to Austin, MN

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Day 20 Fairmont, MN to Austin, MN
Riding time today: 6:23
Riding time total: 117:51
Distance today: 76.72 mi
Distance total: 1,409.22 mi
Average speed: 12.0 mph
Top speed: 26.3 mph
Average cadence: 68 rpm
Max cadence: 111 rpm
Calories burned: 3,482

Today was just one of those days that you knew wasn’t going to be fun. I was able to get an earlier start this morning, but as I looked at the cloud filled sky, I knew I was in for some major rain.

It was raining pretty steadily all morning, but around 11:30, it switched to being off and on.

The thorn resistant tubes were holding air very well. It seems like I may not need to refill them for a week, maybe more.

I started riding on the old Hwy 16 today and it has been almost the same as the other frontage roads that I’ve been riding for the past three days. Traffic was minimal, the pavement was good quality, and it’s been relatively flat.

I’m going to try to get 100 miles in tomorrow in order to make it to Wisconsin. It may or may not happen though as riding with the thorn resistant tubes does make pedaling a little more work.

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Location:County Highway 46,Austin,United States

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