Day 23 Ontario, WI to Lodi, WI

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Day 23 Ontario, WI to Lodi, WI
Riding time today: 7:16
Riding time total: 140:23
Distance today: 78.96 mi
Distance total: 1,662.56 mi
Average speed: 10.9 mph
Top speed: 37.4 mph
Average cadence: 63 rpm
Max cadence: 113 rpm
Calories burned: 3,927

Today started out with some chicken and pizza for breakfast at the gas station adjacent to the motel. I have to say one of the nice things about riding a bicycle all day is that yo can practically eat whatever you want. Actually, I have noticed a difference in my energy by eating foods with sugar and carbs.

It was an overcast day, and it felt a little humid, but not too bad. Riding through the scenic highways of Wisconsin has provided some truly amazing scenery, and this morning was no exception. At my disposal, I had lots of twisty roads, forests, lakes, rivers, and of course more farm land. From a visual standpoint, today was up there with Clearwater National Forest in Idaho. However, there was one outstanding problem, my legs still hadn’t fully recovered from the 120 mile ride from two days ago. For example, it felt like I was riding with flat tires, especially when going uphill. I tried ignoring it, I stopped periodically to rub some Bengay on my caves, but nothing seemed to work.

In the early afternoon, I arrived in Wonewoc and noticed the bike shop Beyond Boundaries. I popped in to get their advice on some of the dedicated bike trails nearby. They were super friendly and told me that I could take the 400 Trail from there to Reedsburg, which was just under 20 miles. As you can see in the pictures and video below, Wisconsin gets an A+ for being bicycle friendly.

Later in the day while riding Highway 131, I arrived in Merrimac and noticed my highway disappeared into the Lake Wisconsin. There was a ferry that was just on it’s way back. I was a little concerned because I had just spent my last $7 on lunch back in Hillsboro, so I was hoping that they would take my Visa card. It turned out that the ferry was provided free of charge! That’s another win for Wisconsin!

I arrived on the other side of the lake, and time was of the essence to find a place to stay. Being a resort town, and a Friday, I was out of luck. I could have stayed at one of the resorts for $125, but I would have rather slept in the park than pay that price, I rode a little further inland into the town of Lodi and found Lodi Valley Suites. While still a little on the pricy side ($70), at least it was far better than paying $125, just so I could have a view of the lake.

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Location:N Main St,Lodi,United States

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