Day 24 Lodi, WI to Milwaukee, WI

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Day 24 Lodi, WI to Milwaukee, WI
Riding time today: 6:55
Riding time total: 147:18
Distance today: 80.89 mi
Distance total: 1,743.45 mi
Average speed: 11.7 mph
Top speed: 35.3 mph
Average cadence: 65 rpm
Max cadence: 194 rpm
Calories burned: 3,897

Today was the beginning of the big heat wave, which numerous people have warned me of. Temperatures were to be in the 80s and 90s. No big deal, right? Back in Montana, the temperature reached 106! So, in comparison, this shouldn’t be a problem. I walked outside in the morning and it was almost like walking into a sauna. It wasn’t the heat that got to me, but the humidity. I started riding on County Line Rd. then over to CR-V which were excellent if you are looking for a quiet and nicely maintained road for a morning or afternoon ride.

I passed through a few small towns along the way towards meeting up with Hwy 16. Each of the towns had bike lanes and signs warning drivers to look out for bikes, how cool is that!

Riding between Waterloo (where Trek got started, by the way) and Watertown, the humidity was really starting to get to me. I started to feel a little disoriented, and would doze off every few minutes. I needed to get out of the sun, but there were no trees, aside from those on private property. Eventually, I took a side road down a block because I noticed some shade from the road. I stopped and put my head down on my handlebars. I drank more Powerade, which also helped. I rested for a few more minutes, then was on my way. Dozing off while riding a bike was a new and interesting experience for me. It must have been the humidity.

I arrived in Heartland and noticed my route had been blocked off my a big fair of some sort. It looked neat, but I had more miles to get it. So, I left without spending any time checking it out.

It seemed like there was a lot of daylight today, but around 9, total darkness emerged. I searched for motels in the GPS and saw that a Motel 6 was only 6 miles away! I was super tired from the heat today, but I kicked it up a notch, and made it to the motel in pretty good time. I walked into the office and politely asked the clerk for a room. She asked me for ID. Sure no problem. I gave her my scuba divers license, which has my picture, name, birthday, and et cetera on it. She then told me that she needed a drivers license. I told her that I didn’t have one and that I’m riding a bicycle (if it wasn’t obvious to her). She replied saying, well sorry, we either need a drivers license or a military ID. Then, why didn’t she specify that in the beginning? I told her that I had stayed at several Motel 6s without having a drivers license, and it was never an issue. After discussing this mater with Virginia B (West Milwaukee Brookfield #1046), I was getting frustrated that she wasn’t getting the picture. I looked to see what else was in my wallet. I had my alien registration card from Korea. I handed that card over to her, not saying it was from Korea. She quickly said, oh this will work. Right, I foreign ID card written in Korean with minimal English. Anyway, I got my room. I think I will be emailing Motel 6 customer service to let them know of this experience.

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Location:N Barker Rd,Brookfield,United States

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