Day 25 & 26 Rest Days in Milwaukee, WI

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Day 25 & 26 Rest Days in Milwaukee, WI

These two days were amazingly great! Day 25 began with my aunt Marline and uncle Ken picking me up from that lovely Motel 6, dropping off my bike at their home, and going out to eat at an all you can eat pizza buffet. All you can eat pizza? Perfect timing! I hadn’t eaten dinner, nor had breakfast in the morning, so I pigged out big time.

Driving around their suburb and Milwaukee was nice. There was never a shortage of beautiful woodland, lake, and marshland scenery. Although the scenery was beautiful, we couldn’t stay outside to admire it for too long due to the severe heat wave that had arrived. It was around 100 degrees out, however it wasn’t the temperature that you felt, rather the humidity. The best way for me to describe it was, it was like walking into a sauna after it had been turned off for 10 minutes. The heat and humidity had not been this bad since 1995, when sadly approximately 150 people died due to heat exhaustion (according to the local news).

Later in the day, we played family feud on the iPad and had a blast doing that. I teamed up with my cousin Jenny and played my aunt and uncle. We learned a valuable tip while playing. When in doubt, “spider” is always a likely answer.

Day 26 began with taking my bike into Wheel and Sprocket, the local bike shop. It was due for a cleaning and tuning. Albeit a little on the pricey side, they ended up doing a really great job.

My uncle Ken works for B & H, a mining equipment company. He took me on a factory tour of his work area, and nearly all of the other work areas for that matter. I must say, I was blown away with the scale of the assembling operation there. Just the boom (of a loader, I believe), was an intricate part to be made. For me, until I saw the operation for myself, I had no idea how these giant loaders were manufactured.

Later in the day, I was able to see my uncle Bill, my cousin Nichole, her husband Chris, and his friend Carlos. We all went out to a sports bar for beer and chicken wings, the perfect combination. It really was great catching up with my uncle Bill and Nichole. We had over 10 years of events to talk about. Then, before I knew it, it was time to go back to the house. What a great two days. I hope we don’t wait that long again to see each other!

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