Day 27 Milwaukee, WI to Comstock Park, MI

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Day 27 Milwaukee, WI to Comstock Park, MI
Riding time today: 3:30
Riding time total: 150:48
Distance today: 42.69 mi
Distance total: 1,786.14 mi
Average speed: 12.2 mph
Top speed: 23.6 mph
Average cadence: 63 rpm
Max cadence: 93 rpm
Calories burned: 2,000

After my aunt and uncle took me out to a big Wisconsin style breakfast, we were off to the Milwaukee-Muskegon Fairy. I really wished I could have stayed longer as the past two days were some of the best so far! Thanks again uncle Ken and aunt Marline! The reality is that I have another 1,000 miles to go and they aren’t going to be ridden with me sitting around.

The fairy was pretty nice. They had plenty of seating, a snack bar, air conditioning, all the usual stuff. I couldn’t help but wonder if Michigan is as bad as many people say it is, or if only Detroit is unsafe. Well, eventually I was going to find out.

As the fairy pulled into the harbor, we passed several affluent homes on the lake, and I was thinking to myself, these don’t look so bad. Maybe I was getting all worked up over nothing.

Once we docked, I got my bike out, road out of the terminal area, and yes it was pretty rough, if not more so that I had imagined. Muskegon is easily the equivalent of a bad neighborhood in downtown LA. Bicyclists were not meant to exist in that city. Throughout the city there wasn’t a shoulder, so I found myself riding on sidewalks. Countless beat up cars would pass me with broken mufflers. Hey that car sounds nice, I think you should leave it the way it is. Cars riding on spare tires, all dented up, with one or more windows shattered, sped along next to me. There were also complete beater cars with 20 inch wheels. Yeah, that’s making good use of your welfare money. I didn’t bother taking any pictures, as I literally thought I could get shot or robbed at any second.

I also needed to pull into a store to buy some water, but at every store I approached there were gang members loitering outside. They could steal my bike in the blink of an eye, no thanks. I did have a little water in one of bottles, so I had to make it last.

I really can’t believe I made it through skid row without an incident, but somehow I managed. Another problem presented itself. The shoulders of the 41 were about two feet wide, and drivers on this road were speeding by without giving me any room. I decided my chances of survival would be better if I were to ride against traffic. That way if it looks like an approaching vehicle is going to hit me, I can jump off the bike and hopefully avoid being hit.

My advice to bike tourers, don’t ride through Michigan, ever! I’m not exaggerating. I hope I can make it to Canada without being accosted by a gang member as they are quite ubiquitous in this state. We’ll see.

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Location:Alpine Ave NW,Comstock Park,United States

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