Day 28 Comstock Park, MI to St. Johns, MI

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Day 28 Comstock Park, MI to St. Johns, MI
Riding time today: 5:34
Riding time total: 156:22
Distance today: 73.22 mi
Distance total: 1,859.36 mi
Average speed: 13.2 mph
Top speed: 30.6 mph
Average cadence: 68 rpm
Max cadence: 113 rpm
Calories burned: 3,678

This morning I had one thing on my mind, and that was to get out of Michigan ASAP. I didn’t get off to the early start (to beat the heat) as I had planed due to getting in late to the motel the night before and I went through another time zone. I keep losing out on hours and getting behind because of time zones. Fortunately, I am now on eastern time, so no more switching time zones for me!

I think I should retract my sentiments towards the state of Michigan. The state isn’t all that bad, rather Muskegon and the impending Flint, MI are what give this state a bad reputation. The countryside scenery, and even more so the people (outside of Muskegon of course) have gotten a little better.

The scenery is similar to Minnesota due to the abundance of flat farmland. I would say it does have more hills than Minnesota, but not as many as Wisconsin. The road quality improved for most of the day. As you can see in the picture, I actually have a wide and clean shoulder now, along with a rumble strip. That is the optimum shoulder for a cyclist.

Throughout the day, whenever I stopped for food or water, people have been friendly and provided me with directions, route advice, and encouragement. It was almost if they knew the negative stereotypes about Michigan, and were all trying really hard to break them.

The one thing that wasn’t too great about today was the temperature and humidity. It got close to 100, which isn’t so bad in of itself. But, pairing that with a high humidity level, uggg, it got to be unbearable. I was drinking warm Powerade every 10 minutes, but nothing seemed to really quench my thirst. Around 5:00, I began thinking about motels. I didn’t want to stay anywhere close to Flint, so that was out of the picture. St. Johns was in a good location and they had three motels. However, all three of the motels were located far apart from one another. I went to the first one, abandoned building. I went further down to the second one, torn down. I backtracked to one, that was far off my route, and it was open. Sometimes there is no telling on what places are actually open in this state.

Although a little more than I wanted to spend ($60), the St. Johns Motel was pretty nice. It wasn’t like any motel I have ever stayed in. Inside the room, there are a ton of nicknacks, random children’s books, embroidered art, and well you get the picture. The only thing it was lacking was wifi. So, this entry will be posted a day late.

One thing, I have to recommend checking out is Shaggies (although I’m not sure why Shaggy was made plural and not a possessive singular, like Shaggy’s). It’s basically your typical ice cream parlor/restaurant, but with pictures of Shaggy everywhere. I don’t know why it’s so great because of that, but it just is.

Tomorrow, I will either be going through Flint or above Flint in order to avoid the second highest crime ridden city in America.

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