Day 29 St. Johns, MI to Imlay City, MI

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Day 29 St. Johns, MI to Imlay City, MI
Riding time today: 5:58
Riding time total: 162:20
Distance today: 83.78 mi
Distance total: 1,943.14 mi
Average speed: 14.0 mph
Top speed: 27.5 mph
Average cadence: 69 rpm
Max cadence: 125 rpm
Calories burned: 4,269

Well today I was able to get back on track in terms of starting earlier. I was on my bike at 8:30, which is really 7:30 from my previous time zone. Since I was still a little concerned about riding through the city with the second highest crime rate in the entire country (I think that concern was validated), I chose to circumnavigate the city by heading north. I was off and riding for 10 minutes, when I got the dreaded “pavement ends” sign. No problem, it was still early in the morning and not too much time had been wasted. I found a different way north using Hwy 127. When I arrived at the highway, it seemed more like a freeway with heavy traffic. There goes that plan. The only alternative was to bite the bullet and ride through Flint.

I would also like to add that today was the hottest day so far. It was in the 90s in the morning and peaked in the afternoon at 110 degrees. I was stopping every hour to buy Powerade. I tried to start conversations with the clerks inside the gas stations so they would let me hang out inside for me to cool off for a bit. They were nice, and didn’t seem to mind. Other than the blistering heat, I had some pretty good riding conditions. There was a nice tailwind that pushed me along at a nice pace. As you can see my average speed for the day is a bit higher than usual.

As I was approaching Flint, I thought it would be a good idea to re-stock on Powerade. I stopped at a gas station right outside of town. People seemed to act a little extra cautious inside, probably with just cause. Continuing down the road, I tried to keep a low profile, but not too low. I also needed to appear confident, like someone who bikes through Flint all the time, yeah right.

This was another city in which I wanted to take pictures, but for the sake of trying to act as inconspicuous as possible, I refrained. So I will do the best I can at describing Flint. It was similar to Muskegon, only multiple times worse. There were: loads of abandoned homes/factories, more ambulances than I have ever seen in any one city, gang members hanging out on street corners conspiring to earn their money for the day, the very worst road conditions that I have seen do far, and no other bicyclists riding in the city besides me. However, just like Muskegon, I made it through unscathed. Mark my words, I will never ride through Flint, MI ever again. I enjoy life far too much to risk it in that city.

After leaving Flint, my senses returned to normal, and they were telling me “it’s too damn hot out!” I went into motel mode and started planning where I would like to stay. Lapeer looked pretty good, however when I arrived there it was only 2:45. That’s far too early to call it a day. The next town over was Imlay City and it was 15 miles away. I could make that. I found a motel with wifi for $42! I will try to get even an earlier start tomorrow to avoid more of the heat. Also, tomorrow I will be in Canada!!!!

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Location:S Van Dyke Rd,Imlay City,United States

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