Day 31 Strathroy, ON to Simcoe, ON

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Day 31 Strathroy, ON to Simcoe, ON
Riding time today: 6:37
Riding time total: 175:30
Distance today: 87.24 mi
Distance total: 2,116.62 mi
Average speed: 13.2 mph
Top speed: 30.8 mph
Average cadence: 69 rpm
Max cadence: 134 rpm
Calories burned: 4,313

Despite going to sleep at 11:30, I somehow ended up waking up at 9:15! That never happens. I honestly can’t remember the last time I woke up so late. Oh well, if I hurried, I could still make the 10:00 breakfast cutoff time at burger king.

At burger king, an elderly man came up to my table and asked me about my tour. He was knowledgeable about the area, so I asked his opinion on which eastern route to take. He recommended Hwy 3 as he believed it was: safer, more scenic, and had good spacing between towns. My GPS had me on a route taking frontage roads paralleling the 402. I took the old man’s recommendation, and headed to Hwy 3.

I reached London, ON and found a bike shop. Time for a quick pop in. The name of the shop was: Reynolds Cycle, and it was one of the better shops that I’ve come across in recent days. I spoke with Doug about routes, and while he did confirm what was said by the old man, he also added that it was a trucking route, and sometimes the traffic can get a little on the heavy side. I also needed some air in my tires as they had started feeling squishy. Sure enough, they were around 90 psi, 30 psi less than I normally run them. I bought some energy gu to support the shop and was on my way.

I was having a difficult time finding a good place to head south from off of the 81 to the 3. I was on Dingman Rd. a little past London, when it became a gravel road. For the record, that is something that I absolutely hate! Why can’t there be a sign at the beginning of the road saying when it will become a gravel road? Luckily, there happened to be a narrow southbound road nearby, so instead of backtracking, I took my chances on this mystery road. I road this new road for awhile, until it too turned into a gravel road. However, I was fortunate again to have an east bound road right where the road turned to gravel. That road took me to the 74. From there, I took the 74 all the way south to the 3. Everything turned out ok, but the only part that was a little on the dangerous side was riding on the 74. There is no shoulder whatsoever, and it is packed with traffic. Canadian drivers are for the most part really careful, so I wasn’t too worried.

Around 3:30, I started getting hungry, and coincidentally, there was a Tim Hortons two blocks ahead. If you are unaware, Tim Hortons is like the Canadian version of Krispy Kream donuts. They also have lunch items to go along with their donuts. I walk in, wait 10 minutes for the ditsy cashier to finish helping the people ahead of me. When she finally finishes, I proceed to order. Since this is my first time at a Tim Hortons, I had so e questions, and took a little longer than I normally take to order. When it came time to pay, I used my Visa card and swiped it through the reader. It didn’t work. I tried a few more times, and then asked her to input the numbers manually into her register. She replied saying that she wasn’t trained on how to do that, so she couldn’t. I politely asked to speak with her manager. She informed me that she was the shift manager. Two more blocks down the road was a McDonalds. I went inside, used my card, it worked fine, and got my food with top notch service. So much for trying some genuine Canadian cuisine.

After that, I kept on riding through farm land. The scenery was pretty nice and the road conditions were good too. I came into Simcoe on the late side due to starting late and got what is considered to be a cheap motel in Ontario, $70. I even did some shopping around, and that was the best rate. Oh well, I will be in New York tomorrow where hopefully I can find something cheaper.

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Location:Queensway Dr W,Simcoe,Canada


  • Nate says:

    Hello Chris,

    My name is Nate and we (Carrie and son Kyle) met you at a rest stop on I90 in Montana back on July 7. We were traveling from Portland, OR to North Dakota. It was great to talk with you and good to see you are well and still peddling!

    If you are ever in the Portland area and need a place to stay or wanna get a beer, please do drop us a note.

    Best of luck!

    • cgiblin2 says:

      Hey Nate,

      Sorry I couldn’t get back to you sooner. Yes, I sure do remember you and your family, and really how could I forget! I am in Boston now, and officially finished the tour as of yesterday.

      Thank you very much for your offer. I would very much like to grab a beer with you the next time I am there. I’m not too sure when that will be however, as I will be heading back to Korea towards the end of the month.

      Do you ever blog about your bicycle tours? I would be interested in seeing your bike setup.



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