Day 32 Simcoe, ON to Buffalo, NY

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Day 32 Simcoe, ON to Buffalo, NY
Riding time today: 7:24
Riding time total: 182:54
Distance today: 88.72 mi
Distance total: 2,205.34 mi
Average speed: 12.0 mph
Top speed: 26.6 mph
Average cadence: 70 rpm
Max cadence: 178 rpm
Calories burned: 4,010

Today started off with something that I haven’t quite experienced since my last morning in Minnesota, a powerful headwind. It was relentless, and I just couldn’t break 10 mph. The roads on the other hand, were decent in terms of traffic, shoulder width, and pavement quality. The landscape was more farmland, albeit more hilly than the past few days, nothing too exciting.

While I had enjoyed my time in Canada so far, it does tend to drain your wallet a little quicker than America. Pretty much everything from motels to Powerade, to Cliffbars, just cost more.

I took North Shore Highway, a scenic route that runs along the shore of Lake Erie. It was my favorite route that I had taken in Canada. If you have a chance to ride it, or some of the interconnected bike trails, you would probably find them very tranquil and relaxing, just as I had.

One thing that I had noticed, but unfortunately didn’t take a picture of, was the amount of American flags in Canada. In the front yards of homes, businesses, and other random places, I would encounter American flags along side Canadian flags. The reason I was intrigued was I simply didn’t see too many Canadian flags in America.

I arrived in Port Columbia, the town right before Fort Erie, and I got stuck at a draw bridge. Originally, I thought it was going to be interesting seeing the bridge in action, but later it became a painstakingly long ordeal. They raised the bridge 15 minutes prematurely for some strange reason and in total I had to wait 30 minutes. There was no other reasonable path to take in order to cross, so I waited it out.

I arrived in Fort Erie and made my way to cross the bridge into America. I reached the end of the bridge and ran into these three:

Seth, his girlfriend, Michelle, and his mom Sharon, were all natives of Buffalo and seemed to be really into riding bikes. We were stopped at the pedestrian/bicyclists customs area and talked about touring, things to see in Buffalo, finishing in Boston vs New York, and other various things. Before I knew it, they had offered for me to stay with them in Buffalo! Awesome! I accepted their offer, went through customs, and away we went.

We road though the residential neighborhoods, which all had bike lanes by the way, and soon arrived at their house. We dropped of the bikes and then went for pizza, New York style. Later, Seth and Michelle gave me a tour of Buffalo. Then, somewhere in the conversation they had mentioned that there was a midnight bike ride in which hundreds of riders gather together, ride their bikes, and drink beer. It sounded right up my alley, however I was exhausted. Later, I was thinking to myself, here I was in Buffalo, on the one night where this bike ride occurs, and I’m turning it down? I changed my mind, and thought that instead of beer, I could drink an energy drink to stay awake, and that’s exactly what I did.

Every Sunday at Midnight, bicycle riders in Buffalo congregate downtown, stock up on riding beer, and then head out to ride around random places downtown and beyond. It doesn’t matter who you are, where you’re from, or what kind of bike you ride, everyone is welcome. It was a nice leisurely speed we road at, and it sort of had to be, given that everyone had only one hand on the handlebars. The other hand held a can of beer.

I can’t disclose everything that happened that night, but let’s just say it was one of the most exciting 12.5 mile rides that I’ve ever had! I will never forget that night, ever.

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Location:Buffalo, NY

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