Day 33 Buffalo, NY to Clarence, NY

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Day 33 Buffalo, NY to Clarence, NY
Riding time today: 1:18
Riding time total: 184:12
Distance today: 14.83 mi
Distance total: 2,220.17 mi
Average speed: 11.5 mph
Top speed: 18.8 mph
Average cadence: 62 rpm
Max cadence: 166 rpm
Calories burned: 677

Today started off with the storm of storms. I giant lighting storm took over the entire morning, which I was fine with given the fact that I was still recovering from last night.

After we said our goodbyes at the Seth and Michelle household, I was on my way to a bike shop to get my bike looked at. It was making a squeaking noise intermittently. If you are ever in the area, Campus Bikes in Buffalo is a really great bike shop. Brendan, one of the employees there, isolated the issue, and fixed it free of charge. He was a fellow bike tourer, so we hung out for a bit and talked about touring.

Later I was off to Rochester. The only problem was, my mind and my body weren’t agreeing with each other. Around 10 miles into my ride, I started getting really tired, almost to the point in which it seemed like I was going to fall asleep on my bike.

As ridiculous as that sounds, I had to end the day with only 15 miles. I checked into a roadside motel, and within minutes passed out. I guess, my body needed the rest.

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Location:Clarence, NY

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