Day 34 Clarence, NY to Newark, NY

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Day 34 Clarence, NY to Newark, NY
Riding time today: 6:00
Riding time total: 190:12
Distance today: 85:45 mi
Distance total: 2,305.62 mi
Average speed: 14.3 mph
Top speed: 29.3 mph
Average cadence: 64 rpm
Max cadence: 122 rpm
Calories burned: 4,526

I got off to a late start this morning, which I’m unsure why. But, I was feeling good and knew I could get in a big day. I’m riding along when a strong headwind picks up and doesn’t stop. Oh great, it’s going to be one of those slow moving days. The headwind lasted for three more hours, then it turned into crosswinds. Then, I had a brief tailwind, and then back to a headwind again. The second headwind didn’t last too long as it became a tailwind again. This second tailwind lasted the rest of the day. Today definitely had the craziest winds so far.

One of the best parts about riding in upstate New York is how towns are spaced out. I will be riding in the countryside for 15 miles, then another town will pop up. Then, another 15 miles, and yet another town. That pattern contented throughout the day.

Because of the late start this morning, when it came to 2:00, I didn’t want to spend too much time for lunch. The quickest way to have lunch is to microwave something at a gas station. Pictured below is a typical lunch for me.

Another nice thing about riding in upstate New York, is riding Hwy 31/Bike Route 5. Yes, this is a dual purpose road, have road and have bike path. As you can see in the pictures below, this is one really nice shoulder. It’s wide, clean from debris, and the pavement quality is excellent. Plus, there were tons of “share the road” signs warning drivers to look out for bicyclists. I saw a handful of other cyclists making good use of that route.

I arrived in Newark around 6:30 and decided to scope out the motel situation. The only one in town was a Quality Inn. I knew it would be on the expensive side, but still I didn’t have any other choices. Also, the next set of motels on the 31 would be another 20 miles. Rooms started at $99! I explained my situation to the clerk, and she was able to bring the price down to $77. It was still a lot more than I wanted to pay, but oh well, that’s just how it is sometimes.

Tomorrow, I’m thinking of ending up somewhere around Utica. I hope to get another dose of those tailwinds!

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Location:W Shore Blvd,Newark,United States


  • Jack Clarke says:

    Hi Chris,
    We rode Cape Cod Rail Trail to Wellfleet. Just wanted to let you know how quickly those miles passed. I was inspired to again challenge my antique Trek to tour again. Thanks, best wishes, and keep on truckin’ !

    • cgiblin2 says:

      Hi Jack!

      Nice to hear that you are planning on riding your awesome vintage Trek on a tour in the near future. How about biking the state of Massachusetts? I think if you were to start on the Atlantic Ocean and head west it would be a really pleasant ride. Route 9 in my opinion was a pretty good way to go, except in Boston in which it was a little on the dangerous side. Anyway, if you are ever in Somerville in Boston, feel free to stop in at Ace Wheelworks. Troy can help you out on all things touring, as he is obsessed with it even more than I am!

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