Day 35 Newark, NY to Utica, NY

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Day 35 Newark, NY to Utica, NY
Riding time today: 8:31
Riding time total: 198:43
Distance today: 109.66 mi
Distance total: 2,415.28 mi
Average speed: 12.9 mph
Top speed: 28.8 mph
Average cadence: 63 rpm
Max cadence: 111 rpm
Calories burned: 5,736

Today I wanted to lick up the pace a little and get a century ride in. It’s not that I rush the rest of this tour, rather I would like to take a rest from cycling everyday. It’s too much of a good thing. Anyway, Utica was a bit of a stretch, especially since getting off to a late start again, but I set that as my goal.

The towns I was riding through were becoming a little more interesting. There were more historical monuments, as well as the towns themselves had a lot of history. I passed through so many towns, that it seemed like half the time I was in a town, and the other half I was in the countryside. This messed with my distance perception. It seemed like I wasn’t covering as many miles as I normally do. I think it has something to do with towns are a little more interesting than cornfields. In cornfields, my mind sort of tunes out and before I know it, I’ve covered 10 miles. In towns, my mind is “tuned in” and 10 miles feels like it takes much longer.

I mostly traveled on the 31 and the 5 today. There were good shoulders on both, however many drivers here don’t like to give you room. Sometimes they drift into my bike lane. I’m not sure what their point is by doing that.

The weather was in the low 80s, perfect riding temperature. The winds were reminiscent of yesterday’s winds. They were all over the place, however the one difference was I didn’t get that long tailwind like I did yesterday.

Once I got to the 85 mile mark, I started passing several very tempting motels. I was ready for a break, but I felt like I had to meet my goal in getting to Utica. In hindsight, I should have stayed at one of those places, because riding through downtown Utica at 9:30pm was a tad on the crazy side. This wasn’t only due to the danger of getting hit by a car on busy streets with no shoulders, but also because of some of the neighborhoods I went through to get to the motel district. There are some sections in Utica that need to be avoided if possible. I wasn’t quite sure what was going to happen in some of these rough neighborhoods, but I had my spray ready, and was also ready to bolt to a main street. I made it to a $50 hotel and crashed soon after. I guess there was some satisfaction in meeting my goal of the day.

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Location:N Genesee St,Utica,United States

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