Day 36 Utica, NY to Guiderland, NY

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Day 36 Utica, NY to Guiderland, NY
Riding time today: 7:37
Riding time total: 206:20
Distance today: 80.07 mi
Distance total: 2,495.35 mi
Average speed: 10.5 mph
Top speed: 34.2 mph
Average cadence: 61 rpm
Max cadence: 143 rpm
Calories burned: 4,140

Even though I had only got in 80 miles today, it was one of the most difficult days yet. Eastern upstate New York gets really hilly. That was something I heard a few people warn me of, but disregarded it because if I could handle the Rockies, then I could handle anything. Let me tell you, while not quite as bad as the Rockies, today was tough. Actually, it was to the point where I was contemplating finishing at 50 miles.

Occasionally I would check the elevation on my GPS and it was fluctuating between 300 and 1,100 ft in elevation. Once I would reach the top of q hill, I couldn’t jam down as I normally do as there was intermittent light rain for most of the day. At least the temperature was in the low 80s. If it had been a hot day, then it would have been absolutely miserable.

The scenery was pleasant to look at. More farms, some really large swamp areas, a small town here and there, made up the majority of today.

Like Wisconsin, New York is also a very bicycle friendly state. Not only do they have the bike routes with the wide shoulders, but also they have trails that run parallel along the highways. Here is the Canalway Trail which runs next to Hwy 5. I didn’t keep track on how many miles I rode this trail, but it was probably between 5 and 10. The trail continued, but I had to switch over to the 162 South, which was the hilliest route in the state so far. I took that to the 20 East.

Since I learned my lesson from yesterday about riding my bike in big cities at night, I thought it would be a better idea to stay somewhere on the outskirts of town. According to my GPS, there were two motels nearby, here was the first one:

Now, I know that I traveling on a budget, but I thought that I could do a little better than that. So, I checked out this one:

The room was $40! I rarely get a rate like that! There was no Internet and the room smelled funny, but for $40, how could you go wrong!

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Location:Guiderland, NY

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