Day 37 Guiderland, NY to Lenox, MA

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Day 37 Guiderland, NY to Lenox, MA
Riding time today: 5:34
Riding time total: 211:54
Distance today: 52.20 mi
Distance total: 2,547.55 mi
Average speed: 9.4 mph
Top speed: 31.9 mph
Average cadence: 59 rpm
Max cadence: 185 rpm
Calories burned: 2,798

After stopping off at Dunkin Donuts for two of their sausage croissant sandwiches and a coffee, I headed east on the 20 towards downtown Albany. It seems like Albany has more high rise buildings, a larger financial district, and generally a safer city, compared with Buffalo, Syracuse, and especially Utica. I road around downtown for a bit, then stopped off at The Downtube, a local bike shop. I needed three things: advice on Hwy 20, air in my tires, and a bike shop sticker (I’ve been collecting them). The shop did recommend Hwy 20 the entire way to Boston, but later on in the day I noticed Route 9 may be a better option.

Hanging out and chatting about touring with the shop employees, which is inevitable at most bike shops, I soon found myself out the door and in light rain. No big deal, that’s why I have rain gear. What was a big deal were two things. First, an unrelenting headwind was not making my ride any easier. I was still tired from yesterday, and a powerful headwind was the last thing that I wanted. Second, I was heading into the Berkshires, which are not for the faint of heart. This mountain range is actually quite intense. So, for the majority of today I was heading up steep grades with an intense headwind, yay!

Here was a freeway overpass in Albany that I wasn’t suppose to ride my bike on, but I did anyway because that’s how I role.

After hours of climbing, I made it to the Massachusetts border. Their state sign was pretty weak to be honest. In comparison, the New York sign was much more impressive.

I didn’t have much time left as an impending hail storm was looming above. You can see how gray the sky had become since entering Massachusetts. I needed to find a cheap motel and fast. However there was only one small problem, there are no cheap motels in this state, or so it seems. In Pittsfield, I stopped off at a few places and they were all well over $100! I decided to ride downtown to see Pittsfield, which is a very old and interesting city, then continue south east to Lenox. Even the dive motels in Lenox were ridiculously expensive, or were completely booked. It turns out that there was some concert going on and thus all of the motels raised their rates. I finally stopped off at The Wagon Wheel Motel and payed the highest price I’ve payed on this tour so far, $85! About 45 minutes later it began pouring rain, so at least I was indoors. I hope the rest of the state isn’t as ridiculously overpriced as Pittsfield and Lenox.

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Location:Pittsfield Rd,Lenox,United States

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