Day 38 Lenox, MA to Brookfield, MA

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Day 38 Lenox, MA to Brookfield, MA
Riding time today: 6:54
Riding time total: 218:48
Distance today: 79.67 mi
Distance total: 2,627.22 mi
Average speed: 11.6 mph
Top speed: 39.8 mph
Average cadence: 60 rpm
Max cadence: 156 rpm
Calories burned: 4,672

Today started with one of the worst mornings yet. I was all set to ride out up to Route 9 and get 70 to 80 miles in. I began riding out of the motel parking lot when I noticed that my real wheel was severely rubbing against my right brake pad. I spun my wheel around and discovered that my wheel was bent. Oh great! I remember hearing a rubbing sound from yesterday, but I brushed if off as I was more concerned with getting out of the impending storm. I started to think just how long I have been riding with my wheel bent. I asked the motel owner if he knew where a bike shop was and he said there was one 3 miles down the street in the opposite direction that I needed to travel in. I went down the 20, and eventually made my way to Arcadia Shop with almost like a hidden bike repair shop around the back. I took it in and one of the mechanics showed me that I had broken a spoke. He also informed me that my chain and cassette were incredibly worn. I had 1,800 miles on the chain and 2,700 miles on the cassette. The teeth on the cassette were worn down to nubs. I had to change them as well.

While my bike was getting worked on I couldn’t help but think that I was wasting precious hours waiting for my bike to be finished.

Eventually, it was finished and it felt nice having my bike in good working order again. It rode like a new bike especially with the new cassette! It was around 1:00 and since I had skipped a few meals, I needed to find some lunch. I stopped off at a Subway, which was packed. Someone had noticed my California bike jersey and asked me if that was where I was from. I said yes, but I started in Oregon. Soon, almost the entire restaurant was asking me questions about my tour and saying how proud they were of me (mostly elderly people). It was some nice encouragement, but I had to be going.

There were still some intense Berkshires to climb. In fact, I would say that today had the steepest grades out of any mountain on the entire tour, including the Rockies.

I had an interesting route. I started off on the 20, then to the 112, then to the 66, then to Country Rode, then I was on the 9. I know it sounds like an indirect route, but surprisingly it was mostly east bound.

I ended up in Ware, MA exhausted and with no daylight left. According to my GPS there was one motel in town, so I headed towards it. It was just my luck, it was out of business. I would have to ride another 5 miles uphill, in the dark, in a forest, with a very minimal shoulder. It was the most precarious situation I have been though yet. My chances of getting hit were pretty high. I was pedaling on pure adrenaline and made it to the worst motel in the history of mankind, the Copper Lantern Motel. I can’t get into too much detail, but let’s just say that after the manager let me into the office she didn’t exude professionalism. She was incredibly rude and ignorant towards me, or maybe cyclists in general. I just wanted to pay her and get my room, but she wouldn’t stop nagging and insulting me. Word of advice, don’t stay here!

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Location:Brookfield, MA

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