Day 39 Brookfield, MA to Boston, MA

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Day 39 Brookfield, MA to Boston, MA
Riding time today: 5:56
Riding time total: 224:44
Distance today: 71.08 mi
Distance total: 2,698.30 mi
Average speed: 12.0 mph
Top speed: 32.8 mph
Average cadence: 58 rpm
Max cadence: 237 rpm
Calories burned: 3,731

Feeling fully rested from yesterday, today I set out for Boston. The temperature in the late morning was in the 90s and there were headwinds again! No matter, I could put up with another day of headwinds, as I was going to be in Boston today!

One thing I need to touch on about the state of Massachusetts is how it is actually a challenging state to bike through. It is all up and down with minimal level ground. For example, when you finally reach the top of a steep hill, you my think that it is over for awhile, well not here. Once you reach the top of a hill here, you immediately see the next hill you need to climb, and the next, and et cetera. In some ways the Rockies were easier than the Berkshires because it was more of a consistent climb, although much longer. In the Rockies, once you reached the summit, you had made it.

I was back on Route 9 today. It had been pretty good to me so far, but that would gradually change, the closer I got to Boston. Keep in mind that Route 9 is not a state highway, but it slowly turned into one. It came to the point where I was riding my bike on freeway like conditions, sometimes with a very small shoulder. By just looking at this road, I would think that it was a freeway and bikes weren’t allowed. But, I did pass a few police cars and they didn’t seem to mind at all that I was riding on this road.

One thing I was really looking forward to today is dropping by an old friend from Korea’s bike shop (Troy at Ace Wheel Works). He knew that I would be coming sometime in a few days, but I don’t think he was expecting me today. As I was getting closer to his bike shop, I ran into another bike touring aficionado, Colin. He was biking behind me and caught up and asked me if I had started in California, as I had been wearing my California jersey. I told him that I had started in Astoria, Oregon. It was a crazy coincidence, that was exactly where he was from. He gave me a fistbump of approval and said “right on dude!”

Colin road out here two months ago, got a job at a bike shop, and has been enjoying Boston ever since. I asked him if he wanted to swing by Ace Wheel Works, and he agreed. He took some bike trails there that weren’t on my GPS, and I started to question if he knew where he was going. It turned out he knew exactly where it was. On the way there we talked about touring non stop. Finally, someone someone who understands what I’ve been through.

We arrived at Troy’s shop at 6:15. 15 minutes after it had closed. The doors were locked, but I did see some people inside. I knocked on the door and it was promptly answered by another employee. I told him that I was looking for Troy, and he then immediately let Colin and I in. Troy was busy working on a bike, so I hung out with a few of the other employees and told them that I just road my bike across America. We chatted for awhile, then Troy came out. It was nice to see an old friend from Korea, as sometimes you make friendships there, then never see that person ever again. Soon after, Troy shouted, “hey this guy just road his bike across America, someone get this guy a beer!” Those words alone made my day. Here is a picture of Troy (right), Colin (middle), and me on the left.

We enjoyed some nice bike shop beers then headed back to Troy’s house. It was a beer and pizza night full of talking about touring. Troy had also ridden his bike across America a few years ago and was one of the main people who talked me into doing my tour in the first place.

We may ride to Cape Cod together in a few days, but I’m not sure at this moment. However, Troy is housing me for a few days, so it may be obligatory for me to ride with him. It would be a 2.5 day ride, so nothing too big.

Tomorrow, I will ride to Nahant and reach the Atlantic Ocean, officially concluding the tour!

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