Day 40 Boston (Jamaica Plain), MA to Nahant, MA

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Day 40 Boston (Jamaica Plain), MA to Nahant, MA
Riding time today: 4:10
Riding time total: 228:54
Distance today: 42.47 mi
Distance total: 2,740.77 mi (4,410.84 km)
Average speed: 10.2 mph
Top speed: 22.9 mph
Average cadence: 57 rpm
Max cadence: 136 rpm
Calories burned: 2,011

Today was the big day, the day that for the past two weeks that I couldn’t wait for. The lonely rides through the great plains, the unrelenting headwinds, the countless miles in scorching 100 degree temperatures, the rainy days, and of course all of the pleasant days would all soon come to an end. I couldn’t help but feel the most conflicted that I have ever felt in my entire life. “Now what?” was a question that ran through my mind all day long. My life has been all about waking up in the morning and riding my bike all day long. What could possibly top that kind of lifestyle?

Riding in downtown Boston can be a challenge in of itself. However, with it’s relatively recent development of adding more bike lanes throughout the city, bike travel is definitely doable and practical ;) .

Getting into the northern parts of Boston, the neighborhoods got a little rougher, but nothing as bad as Muskegon or Flint, MI. I crossed a few bridges, weaves around some narrow roads, and before I knew it, I was on the road leading to Nahant.

Just like someone who has a near death experience, a million thoughts rushed into my mind. It was as if I was reliving each day of the tour up to that point. I’m not sure how else to describe it. Maybe it’s a unique feeling that one can only achieve at the end of a long bike tour, who knows.

Here is a video, describing the moment:

I road the main road in Nahant down to the tip of the island and found a nice place to take some pictures and shoot a video. The main points that I addressed in the video are as follows:

-encouraging more Americans and Canadians to bike across North America
-what was special more me personally in my tour
-how nearly anyone can bike across North America
-thanking the people who made my trip possible
-encouraging any prospective bike tourers to contact me with any questions they my have
-final point of taking your time throughout the tour, touring isn’t a race

Here is a second video as I somehow forgot to thank some very important people in Wisconsin for their tremendous support:

In conclusion, I would like to encourage anyone who is riding any part of the route that I did or anyone who may have questions, feel free to contact me. I would be more than happy to provide assistance with your future tour.
Here is my email:
Here is my twitter: @chrisgiblin

Well, that’s it. Thank you for reading. It will soon be time for me to go back to work in Korea, which is honestly something that I have missed. I just know that after a long day of teaching or grading papers, I will take out a world map, and start planning the next tour in Asia, South America, Europe, or maybe North America again!

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Location:Nahant, MA


  • Stu says:

    YAY! Congrats mate. What an eppic trip. Glad you made it safely.

    Lookin forward to catching up soon and finding out about all the fun stories from the trip.

    See ya soon mate.

    • cgiblin2 says:

      Yeah Stu, looking forward to meeting up over a nice Australian Brew. Hope you and Hy are doing well in Yeosu.

  • Nicole Atkinson says:

    SO SO SO SO SO SO PROUD of YOU!!! What an accomplishment!!! Can’t wait to see you again soon!!!

    • cgiblin2 says:

      Hey Nicole, thanks so much. It was really great hanging out with all of you. It’s your turn to come out to see us in California or… Korea. I know you’ve always wanted to visit Korea. ;)

  • Jack Clarke says:

    Hi Chris,
    Nice riding with you on Cape Cod’s rail trail. You made me feel good about my vontage Trek and reinspired me about bike touring. Hope your last leg P’town to Logan went smoothly.
    Keep on truckin’ !

    • cgiblin says:

      Hi Jack,

      Nice to hear from you and I’m glad that you’re going to be touring again!

      Everything went smoothly, but then again getting to the airport at 6:00am with a half packed up bike, was a little crazy!

      If you are going to blog about your tour, let me know as I’d be interested in reading about your journey!


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