Day 3 Cascade Locks, OR to Arlington, OR

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Day 3 Cascade Locks, OR to Arlington, OR
Riding time today: 6:15
Riding time total: 18:10
Distance today: 96.04 mi
Distance total: 240.06 mi
Average speed: 15.4 mph
Top speed: 31.0 mph
Average cadence: 76 rpm
Max cadence: 117 rpm
Calories burned: 5,423

Riding on the 84 today was sort of bland in terms of scenery and a little dangerous due to being just 5 feet away from vehicles traveling 70 mph. I was hoping I would come across some west bounders, or east bounders for that matter, but it never happened. On the plus side, it was much more flat that the previous day which allowed me to set my legs to cruise control and get a decent amount of miles in. I made a short video to illustrate how exciting this highway is:

I stopped in The Dalles for lunch. Even though there was a Subway, I went for Burger King. Did you know that they sell a triple whopper? Apparently it’s one of their best sellers according to the cashier.

After lunch, I continued on the 84 and to be honest it was uneventful until I reached Arlington. This small town has (I think) only one motel so there wasn’t going to be any shopping around for better rates. Luckily the rate was $60, and I was able to talk them down to $50 using my powers of persuasion. It was nice getting to the motel at an earlier time. I believe it was around 4:40, compared to 7:00 from the past two days.









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