Day 4 Arlington, OR to Walla Walla, WA

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Day 4 Arlington, OR to Walla Walla, WA
Riding time today: 8:21
Riding time total: 26:31
Distance today: 103.18 mi
Distance total: 343.24 mi
Average speed: 12.4 mph
Top speed: 27.6 mph
Average cadence: 75 rpm
Max cadence: 135 rpm
Calories burned: 5,039

Today started off to a slow start. I was stopping frequently to adjust my sattle which felt too low and too far forward. I think I stopped around 8 times before I got it just right. The morning was the same old boring interstate 84. I was really looking forward to arriving at hwy 730 simply because it would be a change. In comparison, the 730 was better paved, had less traffic, had a cleaner shoulder.

I can’t really say that I made it through a state yet, but I did enter Washington. The plan was to make it to Touchet and if I had some extra energy, I’d press forward to Walla Walla. I made to to Touchet completely spent. So, I thought I would get a room somewhere in that small town. There was only one problem, there was no hotel in that town. Well, there went that option. I stopped at a gas station to get my third bottle of gatoraid for the day and pressed forward to Walla Walla. It was 20 miles away and it was a long 20 miles. For the first time in this tour, I got a strange sharp pain in my right knee. I was forced to use a lower gear to just make it.

Once I came into Walla Walla, I had some hotel options. I was hoping that the first one would give me a $50 rate, but that wasn’t the case. I shopped around with 5 hotels and came across the Budget Inn. Their rooms went for $55. There was no negotiating, I just took it. It was 9:00, so I needed to quickly shower and then find food before the restaurants closed down.

Lately, I’ve been eating gas station ramen noodles and hot pockets, but because today was the most challenging day by far, I went to a Mexican restaurant. It really hit the spot. My body told me it needed beer, so I abided and ordered a Tecate. It came with a quarter slice of lime and a frosted glass. It was the most delicious thing I have experienced since being back in America.










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