Day 20 Fairmont, MN to Austin, MN

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Day 20 Fairmont, MN to Austin, MN
Riding time today: 6:23
Riding time total: 117:51
Distance today: 76.72 mi
Distance total: 1,409.22 mi
Average speed: 12.0 mph
Top speed: 26.3 mph
Average cadence: 68 rpm
Max cadence: 111 rpm
Calories burned: 3,482

Today was just one of those days that you knew wasn’t going to be fun. I was able to get an earlier start this morning, but as I looked at the cloud filled sky, I knew I was in for some major rain.

It was raining pretty steadily all morning, but around 11:30, it switched to being off and on.

The thorn resistant tubes were holding air very well. It seems like I may not need to refill them for a week, maybe more.

I started riding on the old Hwy 16 today and it has been almost the same as the other frontage roads that I’ve been riding for the past three days. Traffic was minimal, the pavement was good quality, and it’s been relatively flat.

I’m going to try to get 100 miles in tomorrow in order to make it to Wisconsin. It may or may not happen though as riding with the thorn resistant tubes does make pedaling a little more work.

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Location:County Highway 46,Austin,United States


Day 21 Austin, MN to La Crosse, WI

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Day 21 Austin, MN to La Crosse, WI
Riding time today: 9:53
Riding time total: 127:44
Distance today: 119.04 mi
Distance total: 1,528.26 mi
Average speed: 12.0 mph
Top speed: 30.2 mph
Average cadence: 70 rpm
Max cadence: 101 rpm
Calories burned: 5,649

This morning I woke up thinking that I would be riding in the rain again. To my surprise, the weather in Austin was sunny, with temperatures in the 70s, nice! The plan for today was to make it to Preston, or perhaps somewhere nearby.

When I started riding, I encountered some of the strongest headwinds so far on the tour. They blew all morning and it was getting really annoying! Who likes traveling at 8 mph? Later I noticed that a giant wind farm was up ahead and I was approaching it from behind. All of the turbines were spinning quickly, hence the strong eastern headwind. Luckily, around 3:00 the wind died down and I was able to get back up to 14 mph.

I made it into Preston at 4:00 and was starving! I rode through town and noticed The Pedal Pushers Cafe. This was perfect, a restaurant that is very bicycle friendly! I parked the bike, walked inside to a large empty room and stood. And I stood a little longer. The chef saw me walk in. One of the waitresses who apparently was on her break saw me walk in. Another couple minutes go by and then a second waitress tells me that I can sit anywhere I’d like. She brings me a menu. I glance it over for a few minutes, then place it at the edge signaling that I am ready to order. I waited 10 minutes, with every few minutes looking back to try to get her to come take my order. Meanwhile, a family walks in and immediately they are greeted, seated, told the specials, and were given much friendly service. So much for this place being friendly towards cyclists. I left and went over to the BP station and got a burger from them. At least the cashier was friendly!

I was getting some bad feelings about eastern Minnesota. I felt like I needed to get out of this state. The situation became even worse as I started out riding on Hwy 16 from Preston. Trucks and SUVs would blare their horns at me as they would whip around the tight corners without pulling over to get me a little room. This road is without a shoulder for many sections. Some of the drivers missed hitting me by just six inches or less!

That was it! I made up my mind that even though I had another 50 miles to get into Wisconsin, I was going to make it. I’ve had it with Minnesota, and I don’t I’ll ever go back to that state again, ever!

I didn’t take too many pictures as I was preoccupied trying not to get hit! I did take a picture of one of the swamps off the side of the road, as I felt there was a lot of symbolism between a swamp and the state of Minnesota.

I arrived in Houston and called my aunt Bernie and uncle Tom letting them know that I would be coming a day early. They were fine with that. I kicked up a pace a little bit in order to avoid riding in the dark. Around 8:35 I made it to La Crosse, WI , then crossed the bridge over the Mississippi river and there was my uncle on the other side.

It was great seeing them as it had been over 10 years. We went out to dinner then back to their new home in Onalaska.

Tomorrow I knew that I was going to be sore for cranking out almost 120 miles today!

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Location:La Crosse, WI


Day 22 La Crosse (Onalaska), WI to Ontario, WI

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Day 22 La Crosse (Onalaska), WI to Ontario, WI
Riding time today: 5:23
Riding time total: 133:07
Distance today: 55.34 mi
Distance total: 1,583.60 mi
Average speed: 10.3 mph
Top speed: 30.2 mph
Average cadence: 63 rpm
Max cadence: 215 rpm
Calories burned: 2,639

After going out to a big breakfast with my uncle, I was off to conquer the day. I thought that since Onalaska was off of the 16, that it would be the ideal starting point in order to progress eastward. It began to rain as I started out on the 16. There was only one small problem. The shoulder virtually disappeared as I was climbing one of the hills. It also didn’t help that Hwy 16 was a busy 4 lane highway. I reassessed the situation and decided to ride into La Crosse to talk with one of the bike shops about which route they would recommend. I road over to Smiths and spoke with Erik, the shop manager. He was very helpful and took a lot of time to show me the routes that he would recommend. Hwy 33 was a much better option due to having far less traffic, and being very scenic.

The 33 began with a long and arduous hill climb. It was not the right time for this giant hill as my legs were still recovering from yesterday. Eventually, I made it to the top and had some spectacular views of the valleys, farm land, and historical buildings.

People in the countryside in Wisconsin, without exaggerating, were 100 times friendlier than those in Minnesota. Everyone that I waved to, waved back to me. There were no honks, no forcing me off the road, and no drivers flipping me off (as did happen a few times in Minnesota.

However, I did have two problems. One, my legs were not cooperating with me. I simply didn’t have the power that was required to cruise at a decent pace. Two, since I wanted to spend a little extra time with my extended family and then again at the bike shop, I got off to a very late start. My hours were limited and I needed to start thinking about where I was going to stay for the night. On the 33, there really aren’t too many options to choose from, as most of the towns are farming communities, that don’t have motels.

I passed Cashton without any success, and road for another 30 minutes when I realized that I was traveling on the wrong road! That may have explained how I wound up in this big Amish community. I road past a dozen of those horse drawn buggies and they were giving me looks like, what are you doing way out here? But, all of them were friendly and waved to me. I guess we had something in common, and that was we were both riding a zero emissions vehicle.

I looked on my GPS and saw a connecting road that would shortcut the distance back to the 33. It would be a risk because it could turn into a gravel road partway through. But, it was a risk that I was willing to take. Luckily for me, it was paved the entire way, and soon I was back on the 33! I road into Ontario, and they ended up having a motel. It was the smallest one I have stayed in to date, only 7 rooms! I got a room, and was relieved that I wasn’t going to spent another night sleeping on a bench somewhere!

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Location:Ontario, WI


Day 23 Ontario, WI to Lodi, WI

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Day 23 Ontario, WI to Lodi, WI
Riding time today: 7:16
Riding time total: 140:23
Distance today: 78.96 mi
Distance total: 1,662.56 mi
Average speed: 10.9 mph
Top speed: 37.4 mph
Average cadence: 63 rpm
Max cadence: 113 rpm
Calories burned: 3,927

Today started out with some chicken and pizza for breakfast at the gas station adjacent to the motel. I have to say one of the nice things about riding a bicycle all day is that yo can practically eat whatever you want. Actually, I have noticed a difference in my energy by eating foods with sugar and carbs.

It was an overcast day, and it felt a little humid, but not too bad. Riding through the scenic highways of Wisconsin has provided some truly amazing scenery, and this morning was no exception. At my disposal, I had lots of twisty roads, forests, lakes, rivers, and of course more farm land. From a visual standpoint, today was up there with Clearwater National Forest in Idaho. However, there was one outstanding problem, my legs still hadn’t fully recovered from the 120 mile ride from two days ago. For example, it felt like I was riding with flat tires, especially when going uphill. I tried ignoring it, I stopped periodically to rub some Bengay on my caves, but nothing seemed to work.

In the early afternoon, I arrived in Wonewoc and noticed the bike shop Beyond Boundaries. I popped in to get their advice on some of the dedicated bike trails nearby. They were super friendly and told me that I could take the 400 Trail from there to Reedsburg, which was just under 20 miles. As you can see in the pictures and video below, Wisconsin gets an A+ for being bicycle friendly.

Later in the day while riding Highway 131, I arrived in Merrimac and noticed my highway disappeared into the Lake Wisconsin. There was a ferry that was just on it’s way back. I was a little concerned because I had just spent my last $7 on lunch back in Hillsboro, so I was hoping that they would take my Visa card. It turned out that the ferry was provided free of charge! That’s another win for Wisconsin!

I arrived on the other side of the lake, and time was of the essence to find a place to stay. Being a resort town, and a Friday, I was out of luck. I could have stayed at one of the resorts for $125, but I would have rather slept in the park than pay that price, I rode a little further inland into the town of Lodi and found Lodi Valley Suites. While still a little on the pricy side ($70), at least it was far better than paying $125, just so I could have a view of the lake.

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Location:N Main St,Lodi,United States


Day 24 Lodi, WI to Milwaukee, WI

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Day 24 Lodi, WI to Milwaukee, WI
Riding time today: 6:55
Riding time total: 147:18
Distance today: 80.89 mi
Distance total: 1,743.45 mi
Average speed: 11.7 mph
Top speed: 35.3 mph
Average cadence: 65 rpm
Max cadence: 194 rpm
Calories burned: 3,897

Today was the beginning of the big heat wave, which numerous people have warned me of. Temperatures were to be in the 80s and 90s. No big deal, right? Back in Montana, the temperature reached 106! So, in comparison, this shouldn’t be a problem. I walked outside in the morning and it was almost like walking into a sauna. It wasn’t the heat that got to me, but the humidity. I started riding on County Line Rd. then over to CR-V which were excellent if you are looking for a quiet and nicely maintained road for a morning or afternoon ride.

I passed through a few small towns along the way towards meeting up with Hwy 16. Each of the towns had bike lanes and signs warning drivers to look out for bikes, how cool is that!

Riding between Waterloo (where Trek got started, by the way) and Watertown, the humidity was really starting to get to me. I started to feel a little disoriented, and would doze off every few minutes. I needed to get out of the sun, but there were no trees, aside from those on private property. Eventually, I took a side road down a block because I noticed some shade from the road. I stopped and put my head down on my handlebars. I drank more Powerade, which also helped. I rested for a few more minutes, then was on my way. Dozing off while riding a bike was a new and interesting experience for me. It must have been the humidity.

I arrived in Heartland and noticed my route had been blocked off my a big fair of some sort. It looked neat, but I had more miles to get it. So, I left without spending any time checking it out.

It seemed like there was a lot of daylight today, but around 9, total darkness emerged. I searched for motels in the GPS and saw that a Motel 6 was only 6 miles away! I was super tired from the heat today, but I kicked it up a notch, and made it to the motel in pretty good time. I walked into the office and politely asked the clerk for a room. She asked me for ID. Sure no problem. I gave her my scuba divers license, which has my picture, name, birthday, and et cetera on it. She then told me that she needed a drivers license. I told her that I didn’t have one and that I’m riding a bicycle (if it wasn’t obvious to her). She replied saying, well sorry, we either need a drivers license or a military ID. Then, why didn’t she specify that in the beginning? I told her that I had stayed at several Motel 6s without having a drivers license, and it was never an issue. After discussing this mater with Virginia B (West Milwaukee Brookfield #1046), I was getting frustrated that she wasn’t getting the picture. I looked to see what else was in my wallet. I had my alien registration card from Korea. I handed that card over to her, not saying it was from Korea. She quickly said, oh this will work. Right, I foreign ID card written in Korean with minimal English. Anyway, I got my room. I think I will be emailing Motel 6 customer service to let them know of this experience.

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Location:N Barker Rd,Brookfield,United States


Day 25 & 26 Rest Days in Milwaukee, WI

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Day 25 & 26 Rest Days in Milwaukee, WI

These two days were amazingly great! Day 25 began with my aunt Marline and uncle Ken picking me up from that lovely Motel 6, dropping off my bike at their home, and going out to eat at an all you can eat pizza buffet. All you can eat pizza? Perfect timing! I hadn’t eaten dinner, nor had breakfast in the morning, so I pigged out big time.

Driving around their suburb and Milwaukee was nice. There was never a shortage of beautiful woodland, lake, and marshland scenery. Although the scenery was beautiful, we couldn’t stay outside to admire it for too long due to the severe heat wave that had arrived. It was around 100 degrees out, however it wasn’t the temperature that you felt, rather the humidity. The best way for me to describe it was, it was like walking into a sauna after it had been turned off for 10 minutes. The heat and humidity had not been this bad since 1995, when sadly approximately 150 people died due to heat exhaustion (according to the local news).

Later in the day, we played family feud on the iPad and had a blast doing that. I teamed up with my cousin Jenny and played my aunt and uncle. We learned a valuable tip while playing. When in doubt, “spider” is always a likely answer.

Day 26 began with taking my bike into Wheel and Sprocket, the local bike shop. It was due for a cleaning and tuning. Albeit a little on the pricey side, they ended up doing a really great job.

My uncle Ken works for B & H, a mining equipment company. He took me on a factory tour of his work area, and nearly all of the other work areas for that matter. I must say, I was blown away with the scale of the assembling operation there. Just the boom (of a loader, I believe), was an intricate part to be made. For me, until I saw the operation for myself, I had no idea how these giant loaders were manufactured.

Later in the day, I was able to see my uncle Bill, my cousin Nichole, her husband Chris, and his friend Carlos. We all went out to a sports bar for beer and chicken wings, the perfect combination. It really was great catching up with my uncle Bill and Nichole. We had over 10 years of events to talk about. Then, before I knew it, it was time to go back to the house. What a great two days. I hope we don’t wait that long again to see each other!

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Location:Milwaukee, WI


Day 27 Milwaukee, WI to Comstock Park, MI

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Day 27 Milwaukee, WI to Comstock Park, MI
Riding time today: 3:30
Riding time total: 150:48
Distance today: 42.69 mi
Distance total: 1,786.14 mi
Average speed: 12.2 mph
Top speed: 23.6 mph
Average cadence: 63 rpm
Max cadence: 93 rpm
Calories burned: 2,000

After my aunt and uncle took me out to a big Wisconsin style breakfast, we were off to the Milwaukee-Muskegon Fairy. I really wished I could have stayed longer as the past two days were some of the best so far! Thanks again uncle Ken and aunt Marline! The reality is that I have another 1,000 miles to go and they aren’t going to be ridden with me sitting around.

The fairy was pretty nice. They had plenty of seating, a snack bar, air conditioning, all the usual stuff. I couldn’t help but wonder if Michigan is as bad as many people say it is, or if only Detroit is unsafe. Well, eventually I was going to find out.

As the fairy pulled into the harbor, we passed several affluent homes on the lake, and I was thinking to myself, these don’t look so bad. Maybe I was getting all worked up over nothing.

Once we docked, I got my bike out, road out of the terminal area, and yes it was pretty rough, if not more so that I had imagined. Muskegon is easily the equivalent of a bad neighborhood in downtown LA. Bicyclists were not meant to exist in that city. Throughout the city there wasn’t a shoulder, so I found myself riding on sidewalks. Countless beat up cars would pass me with broken mufflers. Hey that car sounds nice, I think you should leave it the way it is. Cars riding on spare tires, all dented up, with one or more windows shattered, sped along next to me. There were also complete beater cars with 20 inch wheels. Yeah, that’s making good use of your welfare money. I didn’t bother taking any pictures, as I literally thought I could get shot or robbed at any second.

I also needed to pull into a store to buy some water, but at every store I approached there were gang members loitering outside. They could steal my bike in the blink of an eye, no thanks. I did have a little water in one of bottles, so I had to make it last.

I really can’t believe I made it through skid row without an incident, but somehow I managed. Another problem presented itself. The shoulders of the 41 were about two feet wide, and drivers on this road were speeding by without giving me any room. I decided my chances of survival would be better if I were to ride against traffic. That way if it looks like an approaching vehicle is going to hit me, I can jump off the bike and hopefully avoid being hit.

My advice to bike tourers, don’t ride through Michigan, ever! I’m not exaggerating. I hope I can make it to Canada without being accosted by a gang member as they are quite ubiquitous in this state. We’ll see.

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Location:Alpine Ave NW,Comstock Park,United States


Day 28 Comstock Park, MI to St. Johns, MI

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Day 28 Comstock Park, MI to St. Johns, MI
Riding time today: 5:34
Riding time total: 156:22
Distance today: 73.22 mi
Distance total: 1,859.36 mi
Average speed: 13.2 mph
Top speed: 30.6 mph
Average cadence: 68 rpm
Max cadence: 113 rpm
Calories burned: 3,678

This morning I had one thing on my mind, and that was to get out of Michigan ASAP. I didn’t get off to the early start (to beat the heat) as I had planed due to getting in late to the motel the night before and I went through another time zone. I keep losing out on hours and getting behind because of time zones. Fortunately, I am now on eastern time, so no more switching time zones for me!

I think I should retract my sentiments towards the state of Michigan. The state isn’t all that bad, rather Muskegon and the impending Flint, MI are what give this state a bad reputation. The countryside scenery, and even more so the people (outside of Muskegon of course) have gotten a little better.

The scenery is similar to Minnesota due to the abundance of flat farmland. I would say it does have more hills than Minnesota, but not as many as Wisconsin. The road quality improved for most of the day. As you can see in the picture, I actually have a wide and clean shoulder now, along with a rumble strip. That is the optimum shoulder for a cyclist.

Throughout the day, whenever I stopped for food or water, people have been friendly and provided me with directions, route advice, and encouragement. It was almost if they knew the negative stereotypes about Michigan, and were all trying really hard to break them.

The one thing that wasn’t too great about today was the temperature and humidity. It got close to 100, which isn’t so bad in of itself. But, pairing that with a high humidity level, uggg, it got to be unbearable. I was drinking warm Powerade every 10 minutes, but nothing seemed to really quench my thirst. Around 5:00, I began thinking about motels. I didn’t want to stay anywhere close to Flint, so that was out of the picture. St. Johns was in a good location and they had three motels. However, all three of the motels were located far apart from one another. I went to the first one, abandoned building. I went further down to the second one, torn down. I backtracked to one, that was far off my route, and it was open. Sometimes there is no telling on what places are actually open in this state.

Although a little more than I wanted to spend ($60), the St. Johns Motel was pretty nice. It wasn’t like any motel I have ever stayed in. Inside the room, there are a ton of nicknacks, random children’s books, embroidered art, and well you get the picture. The only thing it was lacking was wifi. So, this entry will be posted a day late.

One thing, I have to recommend checking out is Shaggies (although I’m not sure why Shaggy was made plural and not a possessive singular, like Shaggy’s). It’s basically your typical ice cream parlor/restaurant, but with pictures of Shaggy everywhere. I don’t know why it’s so great because of that, but it just is.

Tomorrow, I will either be going through Flint or above Flint in order to avoid the second highest crime ridden city in America.

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Day 29 St. Johns, MI to Imlay City, MI

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Day 29 St. Johns, MI to Imlay City, MI
Riding time today: 5:58
Riding time total: 162:20
Distance today: 83.78 mi
Distance total: 1,943.14 mi
Average speed: 14.0 mph
Top speed: 27.5 mph
Average cadence: 69 rpm
Max cadence: 125 rpm
Calories burned: 4,269

Well today I was able to get back on track in terms of starting earlier. I was on my bike at 8:30, which is really 7:30 from my previous time zone. Since I was still a little concerned about riding through the city with the second highest crime rate in the entire country (I think that concern was validated), I chose to circumnavigate the city by heading north. I was off and riding for 10 minutes, when I got the dreaded “pavement ends” sign. No problem, it was still early in the morning and not too much time had been wasted. I found a different way north using Hwy 127. When I arrived at the highway, it seemed more like a freeway with heavy traffic. There goes that plan. The only alternative was to bite the bullet and ride through Flint.

I would also like to add that today was the hottest day so far. It was in the 90s in the morning and peaked in the afternoon at 110 degrees. I was stopping every hour to buy Powerade. I tried to start conversations with the clerks inside the gas stations so they would let me hang out inside for me to cool off for a bit. They were nice, and didn’t seem to mind. Other than the blistering heat, I had some pretty good riding conditions. There was a nice tailwind that pushed me along at a nice pace. As you can see my average speed for the day is a bit higher than usual.

As I was approaching Flint, I thought it would be a good idea to re-stock on Powerade. I stopped at a gas station right outside of town. People seemed to act a little extra cautious inside, probably with just cause. Continuing down the road, I tried to keep a low profile, but not too low. I also needed to appear confident, like someone who bikes through Flint all the time, yeah right.

This was another city in which I wanted to take pictures, but for the sake of trying to act as inconspicuous as possible, I refrained. So I will do the best I can at describing Flint. It was similar to Muskegon, only multiple times worse. There were: loads of abandoned homes/factories, more ambulances than I have ever seen in any one city, gang members hanging out on street corners conspiring to earn their money for the day, the very worst road conditions that I have seen do far, and no other bicyclists riding in the city besides me. However, just like Muskegon, I made it through unscathed. Mark my words, I will never ride through Flint, MI ever again. I enjoy life far too much to risk it in that city.

After leaving Flint, my senses returned to normal, and they were telling me “it’s too damn hot out!” I went into motel mode and started planning where I would like to stay. Lapeer looked pretty good, however when I arrived there it was only 2:45. That’s far too early to call it a day. The next town over was Imlay City and it was 15 miles away. I could make that. I found a motel with wifi for $42! I will try to get even an earlier start tomorrow to avoid more of the heat. Also, tomorrow I will be in Canada!!!!

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Location:S Van Dyke Rd,Imlay City,United States


Day 30 Imlay City, MI to Strathroy, ON

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Day 30 Imlay City, MI to Strathroy, ON
Riding time today: 6:33
Riding time total: 168:53
Distance today: 86.24 mi
Distance total: 2,029.38 mi
Average speed: 13.0 mph
Top speed: 28.9 mph
Average cadence: 70 rpm
Max cadence: 90 rpm
Calories burned: 4,409

Today stated off with an early start and a breakfast at McDonalds. I knew it was going to be an exciting day because I would be riding into a new country. After I ordered my McGriddle and sat down, an elderly woman asked me how far I’ve ridden so far. I told her and she was pretty amazed. She insisted on giving me her hash brown for some reason, so I accepted. I could barely stomach a sausage, egg, and cheese McGriddle, two hash browns, coffee, and orange juice, but I did in knowing that I would need that energy later.

Riding this morning towards Port Huron was your typical Michigan morning, although it was much cooler than yesterdays morning. The shoulder wasn’t too great, but there very few cars on the road, and the ones that passed me gave me plenty of room.

Port Huron’s roads on the other hand were pretty torn up and in need of repair. There was a lot of traffic due to road construction. However, I was able to weave through the long lines. I know drivers love to see bicyclists outrunning them ;) .

As I was riding up to the Blue Water Bridge, I noticed that there were no specific instructions for bicyclists, so I kept riding straight along and stopped at the toll booth. I was ready to pay the bridge toll, when a worker came out with a walkie talkie. The look on her face read “why can’t you come across the bridge in a car like normal people do?” She was friendly however and told me that they we’re going to drive me across the bridge. The best part was, there was no bridge toll for bicyclists! Now came the part where I had to be interview by Canadian customs. As the truck pulled into the customs area, two officers approached me. One of them asked for some form of ID. I thought it was a little odd that they didn’t ask me for my passport, but whatever, I handed it to them anyways. I got drilled on the standard questions: where do you live, what do you do, why are you coming to Canada, and et cetera. After two minutes, they told me “enjoy your trip” and I was in with no problems.

Sarnia, ON, what a breath of fresh air that city was. Finally, I was amongst friendly Canadians. As long as they didn’t figure oout (sorry, couldn’t resist) that I wasn’t one of them, I would be riding the gravy train with biscuit wheels. There were a few cases in which I almost blew my cover. One was, when I went into Burger King for lunch, drank my beverage, then whet up to the counter for a refill, the cashier insisted on giving me a new cup. Then, when I went up for my second refill, she insisted on giving me another new cup. When I asked her why she couldn’t reuse my original cup, she informed me that it was a health risk, namely spreading hepatitis. She looked puzzled trying to figure out why I didn’t know that, as that had been the norm in Ontario for many years.

Another way I almost blew my cover was at Subway. I was going through the vegetables that I wanted on my sandwich, when I said “bell peppers.” The lady making my sandwich looked up at me and said “what?” I thought that she didn’t hear me correctly, so I repeated myself and pointed at the bell peppers. “Oh, green peppers” she quickly said. So, remember the next time you come to Canada it’s imperative that you address “bell peppers” as “green peppers.”

Getting out of Sarnia and riding along some of the back country roads was nice. It was a little on the quiet side and thoughts of Montana started to revisit me. I had to go back into careful planning mode, as my choices for gas stations and motels were now greatly limited.

The weather started to look a little stormy, and I felt a few drops of rain. I had already put in over 80 miles, so I was ready to call it. According to my GPS, the nearest motel was another 24 miles. It wasn’t the distance that was going to be a problem, rather it was the impending storm.

A gas station was up the road, and when I got closer, I noticed a motel next to it. Awesome, this one wasn’t listed in my GPS, it looked nice, it was CAA approved (Canadian AAA), and it was the only one for another 24 miles. I took it, although it was a little pricer than I had wanted, $62. I’m going to keep up these earlier starts!

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Location:Victoria St,Strathroy,Canada

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